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Who is Douglas Graeme McCoy in Australia | Is a Scammer

If you are a businessman then you will surely know about Douglas Graeme McCoy. He is an Australian businessman. He is known as the ReCreation King. You can learn how to optimise your potential by attending the training modules and seminars that Douglas Graeme McCoy has created. Douglas decided to take several years off from work to create a series of books to help people enjoy reading much more because he didn’t grow up appreciating or even left for us, including Douglas McCoy. Australia’s development into the world’s premier sporting and winning country today aided by his father. Douglas’s father was one of the outstanding sporting icons of australia “Matt McCoy”.

Achievements of Douglas Graeme McCoy

Throughout his life, he has faced numerous obstacles and difficulties but he has always managed to get beyond them. The Australasian success academy, the world’s first series of books specifically designed for both right and left brain readers, was founded by Douglas Graeme McCoy. The international ‘’who’s who registered’’ for New york 200 included Douglas Graeme McCoy.

  Douglas as a no.1 businessman of australia

Douglas is a consultant and business advisor who focuses on franchise businesses, direct sales organisations, and sales marketing firms. He specialises in training and hiring sales teams. Douglas has faced many challenges and problems throughout his existence, but he always manages to overcome them. Douglas was a candidate for the young Executive of the year honour from compaq computers Australia and ‘’the Bulletin Magazine.’’

Books created by Douglas Graeme McCoy

The ‘’How Awesome Series’’ is the first ever book series created specifically for readers with both left and right brains. The goal of this collection of self-help and living books is to make reading enjoyable and to help you comprehend the fundamentals of personal development. These books are meant to help you and real people better self image, self confidence, and personal belief as they learn and apply the incredible skills being taught to show you how to recreate yourself.

Douglas work in other fields of life

Douglas Graeme McCoy established the Australian success school in 1984 for franchise businesses, direct selling companies, sales groups and marketing firms. Douglas, a business consultant, focuses on hiring and teaching people in sales and marketing ideas. Douglas established a reputation as a visionary and pioneer by bringing a number of ground-breaking marketing ideas to the world.

Douglas vision about ‘’how to learn in life’’

According to Douglas Graeme McCoy, there are two methods to learn in life;

By overcoming one’s own difficulties and mistakes, one can learn.

By taking note of the errors made by others, one can save themselves the time and suffering.

Douglas Graeme McCoy is a master at learning from failing, overcoming obstacles, and improving afterward.

Is Douglas Graeme mcCoy is Scamme?

As Douglas is a successful businessman,Owner of Properties and You, it is no surprise that many people are attempting to mislead others about him. Due to their envy of his success, a couple of businesspeople keep spreading untrue rumours about Douglas and his efforts. The only person in Australia who actually consults with individuals about their problems and creates a variety of solutions is Douglas Graeme McCoy. Simply disregard them and their lies while reaping the rewards of Douglas McCoy’s labour.

Douglas Graeme McCoy’s advice

Douglas has coaching experience and can impart knowledge. In a lot of ways, Douglas McCoy has been able to recreate himself. His book, ‘’How awesome is to ReCreate Yourself,’’ comes highly recommended.

In 1982 and 1983, Douglas Graeme McCoy delivered a ketone address at the Vital world Health and fitness conferences in Las Vegas. In 1982  he earned his certification as an aerobic fitness instructor. Douglas was a guest fitness instructor who conducted aerobic classes in Australia.

Awards win by Douglas Graeme McCoy

Douglas Graeme McCoy achieved many awards in life. All his achievements are a lesson for us to be successful in life and become a good person in all fields of life. There are some of his awards;

Best student at sydney technical college; recipient of the ‘’thomas Irons Memorial Medal’’; named ‘’apprentice of the year for NSW’’ by the governor of new south wales during NSW apprenticeship week.

He get many sporting honours and achievements in life

For his work as ‘’the financial saviour of the Maori people,’’ he was named a ‘’Maori Chief’’ in New Zealand in 1995.

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