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Digital technologies have undoubtedly changed the way we do things. Let's take a look at the ways digital technology is changing the film industry.

The Way Digital Technology Is Changing The Film Industry

Digital technologies have undoubtedly changed the way we do things, be it the way we play games, manufacture products or do business. Entertainment has never looked more spectacular and mesmerizing than now, in this wondrous Digital Era we live in. Think of state-of-the-art digital cameras that are lighter and more powerful than ever and 3d technologies that allow experts to capture the most exquisite images and insert movie characters that are not even there.

If you are familiar with the world-famous Fast & Furious series, you have already witnessed this 3D wonder at the time when Paul Walker passed away and the filming studio used his brother Paul’s brothers to fill in for him by superimposing his image on his brother’s body.

Harlem is a place with a rich history of movies that have been filmed here, ranging from Pride and Glory and American Gangster in 2007, Law & Order in 2009, Moniza Z in 2012 or Annie in 2013, to name just a few. However, things have changed a great deal in terms of production compared to a few years ago, and there are a few particular technologies that seem to be at the forefront of the changes, including 4K 3D cameras, cloud technologies, 3D printing found at places like Printer Deets, and drone cameras.

Algorithmic Video Edits That Will Take Your Breath Away

This special technique of editing videos is mostly found in modern-day movies like We Own The Night where you can see some lightning-speed cars chasing in the pouring rain. Now get ready to be shocked: the rain you can see in this scene is actually an added effect that has been inserted at a later time, long after the filming stopped. 

Can you imagine the type of changes this algorithmic video editing technique could bring to the industry?

Commercial Drone Cameras That Operate Independently

Autonomous drone cameras drones have been built with the help of the impressive advances in the field of AI and machine learning. In other words, these drones can now be taught to operate on their own, which means that one of these autonomous drones used by filmmakers knows all about shooting techniques and shooting angle matters. 

These drones can automatically avoid obstacles in the air as they come and also does a great job at capturing objects on the move. The film industry will definitely go through some even more serious changes in the upcoming months once more drones with full autonomy will start to be used.

4K 3D Live Production Cameras For Virtual reality Scenes

You might already be familiar with the 3D live casinos you can find online and according to Australia-Casino there is even a new thing called 3D pokies promising a completely new experience to the traditional slot machines. It’s clear that online casino operators have started to add augmented and VR games to their collections in an attempt to make the switch to the 3D gaming the Millennials are rooting for. 

Today, there are top-notch 4K 3D cameras that can be used for virtual reality scenes in movies. Google giant together with LucidCam have released their own 4K 3D VR cameras that can be effectively used to shoot live scenes. Cloud technologies are also making their way into the industry since they can significantly cut the production costs, which is excellent for moves with a limited budget. 

3D Printers Replace Heavy Equipment

A 3D printer can make a huge difference for a movie crew that needs to constantly carry bulky and heavy machinery and equipment from one location to another. According to Pick3DPrinter These Are The Best High-Resolution 3D Printers in The Market Right Now. The uses of these printers are practically endless in a number of industries, ranging from medicine to construction work. It is possible to print a 3D house or a NASA Astronaut crew suit in just a few hours by using online printable models. 

The costs are significantly lower when using these 3D printers, since most of the transportation problems that movie producers normally deal with are gone. You can print out your movie costumes and parts for your filming gear, including parts for your cameras, and keep the shipping costs to a minimum. While these printers cannot yet print lens or entire filming cameras, they can definitely make a difference when it comes to other types of gear that is oftentimes used on movie sets. These printers can definitely change the way movies are made and their continuous improvements will only lead to even more

One thing’s for sure, even if virtual reality technologies still need some more time to become regulars in cinematography, the future is definitely bright when it comes to digital technology within the film industry!

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