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FD News: Death day, dying careers, and dying superheroes

Christopher Landon’s thriller ‘Happy Death Day’ celebrates a killer opening weekend and Marvel drops trailer for Ryan Coogler’s ‘Black Panther’.

FD News: Death day, dying careers, and dying superheroes

Happy Death Day celebrates killer opening weekend

Horror flicks continue to be rewarded at the box office as over $26.5 million worth of U.S audiences turned out to watch Happy Death Day over its debut weekend. Christopher Landon’s thriller set around a college student reliving her death topped the charts, continuing a broad trend in 2017 of horror films making bank at the box office.

Blade Runner 2049 continues to crash into the industrial waste dump, earning just $15.1 million this weekend and falling short of financial expectations with a haul of $158.5 million in total. Elsewhere, Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner managed to pull in a respectable opening of $12.8 million and, combined with huge turnout in China, seems poised to be a steady success.

Horror films like Get Out, It, and now Happy Death Day show how audiences are rewarding bold spooky stories with dollars across 2017 – a trend we’ll obviously be chuffed* to see continue beyond this year.

Weinstein allegations continue to shine light on sick Hollywood

Revelations of systematic sexual harassment continue to be unearthed as allegations and stories flooded out of Hollywood over the weekend. On Saturday, Harvey Weinstein was expelled from the MPAA (the Academy that runs the Oscars) as a response to the many shocking reports of his behavior towards women through the decades. These bombshell writeups have loosened a valve in Hollywood, as many victims have finally come forward to tell their stories.

Amid rumors and gossip about his own alleged shady deeds, director Woody Allen noted publicly his sympathy with Weinstein’s position. On a more positive note, actor Alyssa Milano started the Twitter campaign #metoo for those wanting to talk openly about their harassment – and more than 30,000 women have used the hashtag as a platform to talk about their experiences already. This weekend has been filled with an outpouring of information and sympathy related to this shameful situation. We’re hoping justice can be served after all these years.

Marvel’s Black Panther drops dope trailer

On a more positive front, the Marvel machine continues to dominate headlines as its absolute dankest upcoming entry Black Panther dropped a killer trailer today. With Gil-Scott Heron as backing track, the preview gives us a full taste of the afro-futurism director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station) and lead Chadwick Boseman (42) will serve up for us come February 2018. On display are new locales and a blend of action sequences, some involving Michael B. Jordan’s mysterious villain, alongside Andy Serkis reprising his role of Klaue.

Believe it or not, Black Panther will be the eighteenth entry into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the last preceding Avengers: Infinity War, pegged to be an emo trip to hell wherein the heroes die so they can get reborn . . . or something. With Thor: Ragnarok getting the cosmic absurdism-cum-80s nostalgia treatment later this month, we assume both movies will continue Marvel’s unprecedented string of high-performing superhero blockbusters.

* Ed. note: a Britishism. Sheesh, look it up.

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