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Located in Pennsylvania, Damned Designs manufactures folding knives and other everyday carry products. Here's all you need to know.

What are the benefits of using Damned Designs products?

Located in Pennsylvania, Damned Designs manufactures folding knives and other everyday carry products. Most recently, they saw an opportunity and created a product that reduces the physical contact between individuals and potentially harmful public surfaces.

Considering the current health climate regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this product has had an immensely positive reaction because of the many advantages to those that use the product. Here are some of the benefits that this product can bring to you.

Decrease the chance of getting ill

One of the primary ways of becoming ill because of bacteria, virus, or germs is by touching public surfaces and then touching your face.

Studies show we touch our faces an average of 16 times per hour! Specifically, with the coronavirus in mind, it is advised by medical professionals to limit contact with public surfaces. That is why the product developed by Damned Designs is highly beneficial. Similar to other safe touch tools on the market, their Product called Shield helps actively restrict contact between the user and public surfaces.

Design that sets it apart from the rest

Damned Designs noticed that all the other products on the market were ineffective because the part of the tool that came into contact with dirty surfaces is exposed while in your pocket, thus spreading germs to your pocket and then onto your hands when they go into said pockets.

The Shield has a folding design where the hook sits inside a case when not in use thus preventing the spread of germs. The spring loaded hook can be activated with the press of a button and is a delight for fidgeting with.

Made with safe and strong materials

Recent studies have shown that coronavirus cannot survive for extended periods of time on materials such as Copper, Bronze, and Brass. In fact, the virus can only last for four hours on such materials. Based on this information, Damned Designs chose to manufacture their product with a lightweight aluminum body and a Brass hook. 

Convenience and ease of use

With the press of a button, the hook of Shield springs into action to help people open doors, turn on taps, pick up items in public or your home or press buttons. Due to the lightweight design and small form factor, the Shield can be carried in your pocket or a bag and is suitable for all ages.

Save the environment and our healthcare professionals

The safe-touch tools that these products offer assure durability and ease of use. This is a promising alternative to constantly wearing disposable gloves which have a potentially harmful effect not only on the environment, but on health professionals who require the materials to protect both themselves and others.

As such, this is an environmentally-friendly method as it decreases the usage of harmful disposable gloves which are not easily recyclable. Instead, safe products are being used that do not require wasteful disposal. Health is something that needs to be prominent in our minds at all times, even when the pandemic is over, which is why this is a product that is beneficial in all environments at all times.

Our say

The pandemic has brought about a current situation where things have changed and will continue to change. There is no indication as to when the coronavirus will be eradicated which is why we must protect ourselves in every way possible. Damned Designs offers a product that keeps you protected at all times.

The product helps you to maintain good hygiene through the prevention of contact between you and potentially harmful public surfaces. Even more than the health benefits, the products have a great convenience advantage. They can be carried around easily, are suitable for all ages, and don’t carry the fear of accidental injury. 

They might have the appearance of a simple tool, but they have a greater depth of importance because of their inherent ability to save lives and decrease the chance of the contraction of deadly diseases. The use of disposable gloves can become a nuisance, as well as being detrimental to the environment, and this product provides the required protection without the unnecessary environmental disadvantages. 

Final scoop:

One of the most significant benefits is that the client has no need to worry about medical personnel having no access to important medical accessories, and the peace of mind associated with using a product that has no significant long-lasting detrimental effects. 

Next steps: Order Shield – The Safest Hygiene Tool from Damned Designs.

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