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There's lots to consider when purchasing custom deck railings. Here are some tips on how to get the best deal.

6 things to consider before choosing a color for custom deck railings

When planning for your deck project outdoors, one of the most integral yet undermined decisions to make is to choose the color of your home’s deck railings. Although there are a lot of more important things that need your undivided attention, this one right here is something that you shouldn’t undermine either. This part of the planning stage can be quite perplexing and it can also be fun! The color of the house as a whole is your personal choice, choosing one for your deck railings is no exception.

Importance of deck railings

Most people love a deck in their homes to have a place where they can hang out with their family and friends while enjoying the fresh air and spending time together. If you’re one of them and you hired professional contractors to build a deck in your house, they probably brought up the need to have deck railings. But are they really important or are they just a beautiful addition to your deck?

If you have little kids, some elderly people, or even pets at home, hanging out on the deck can impose danger when you choose not to install deck railings. You surely wouldn’t want to see them falling from the top onto the ground, which can result in injuries from falling. In some instances, it can also cause death depending on how high the distance is from the deck to the ground. This is one of the reasons why installing a metal railing for your deck is a good idea. It keeps you and anyone on the deck safe while everyone is having a good time.

Aside from the safety that it offers, there are also a variety of rules and regulations imposed when building a deck. If the deck is placed a couple of feet above the ground, installing a railing is a necessity. You wouldn’t want to break laws by not adhering to building codes in your area, would you?

What to consider when choosing your deck railing color

Imagine a deck railing that’s awfully odd-looking in a deck. If your home has a breathtaking view in front of the deck, wouldn’t an ugly railing color ruin it? At the same time, it will also be chaotic to look at from the outside.

Before choosing the color of the deck metal railings, there are some things that you should consider. Below are some of them.

Which do you prefer more — the interior or the exterior?

When choosing the perfect set of colors for your deck as a whole, you need to be clear in your goal. Are you aiming for a deck that complements the view outside or would you like some passersby to admire your home from the outside? When you know what you want in this aspect, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect hues. 

What color will harmoniously blend in with the view?

A lot of people do not know this but there’s actually a set of colors that can blend in with the view outside the deck. If you have a green forest or white water view in front of your deck, you can opt for dark-colored railings. On the other hand, light colors are your best bet for lake and ocean views.

What type of experience are you after when you’re in your deck?

When your deck space has a designated theme, it’s one way easier for you to choose a color for the railings. Do you want that house space to set up a mood or evoke a specific feeling? Are you leaning towards a rustic, nautical, modern, or Zen-like deck area? No matter what you choose, there’s a lot of color options available for your preference!

Neutral or passive colors such as gray and black can provide a relaxing Zen-like experience while enjoying the outdoor scene. If you want a nautical or modern style for the said space, there are stainless steel, silvers, and whites to choose from. And lastly, browns and greens are your best friends when you want a more rustic atmosphere or when the deck area is overlooking a beautiful backyard garden. 

Should the color of the railing match or accent the scene outside the house?

A lot of customers ask this question when they are in the planning stage. Most homeowners discuss this with the professionals they hired. Whether you choose the deck railings to be the focal point of the deck or not. You have to take note of these things: 

If you want to achieve the former (deck railings as the star of the space), you need to choose contrasting colors. However, if you want the railing posts to blend in with everything in that area, we highly suggest opting for similar colors found in the deck. 

Light conditions as a factor that affects the appearance of colors

Before you let professionals paint the whole railings in your deck, it is integral to collect color samples first. Regardless if you’re using that color in that space alone or apply it in an indoor staircase railing too, you have to look at the samples you took in natural sunlight. As a matter of fact, direct sunlight is the best option. Observe the color sample in the morning and in the evening. 

Check if the color complements the colors present in the surroundings. Doing this will help you get a better perspective on how the colors will look with or without lights.

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