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Crufts Dog Show

Crufts Dog Show 2023 Live ‘FREE’ Streaming Online and TV Coverage

Crufts Dog Show 2023 Live Stream is now scheduled for March 09 to March 12, 2023, in NEC Birmingham. Do you know How to Watch Crufts Dog show 2023 Live online? If you don’t know, then don’t worry.

Watch Here: Crufts Live Coverage

To every dog lover, this Crufts dog show is very popular, and please wait for this event. Basically, this Crufts event is organized by the Kennel Club. 

If you have a dog and want to join Crufts, must have Crufts 2022 qualifications for the dog which is yours. And these qualifications are also provided by the Kennel Club.

In the whole world, Crufts is popular as the gold standard in dog shows. 

The Championship show competition is the most well-known part of Crufts however the entire festival also has a massive trade fair of all things pet and dog-related along with a range of contests for performing and obedience.

Crufts Dog Show 2023 Dates and Location

The Crufts Dog show is going to happen in the year 2023. After the covid-19 pandemic, Instead of the 2021 Crufts dog show, the 2023 Crufts dog show is now confirmed officially by the Kennel Club.

Event Starting Date 9-12 March 2023
Event Locations NEC, Birmingham
TV Coverage Channel 4
Live Stream Watch Here

How to Watch Crufts Dog Show 2023 Live Stream

After the successful 2022 Crufts dog show event, In this year 2023, we are going to see another Crufts dog show 2023 event in NEC Birmingham from 09 to 12 March 2023In 2023, we expect that there will be no Covid-19 pandemic situation that will harm the dog show event. So people can easily watch this dog show event from the gallery and also on online broadcasting.

Watch Now: Crufts Live Stream

Best Watch Guide For Crufts 2023

If you really want to watch the 2023 Crufts live stream online, then we have the best watch guide for you. Are you from the UK? If yes, then you have great news. Because from the UK, you can watch the Crufts 2023 live on Crufts official channel 4. 

But don’t worry if you are outside of the UK. From other countries, you can follow Cruft’s YouTube channel to watch the 2023 dog show live. Again, you can also follow Cruft’s official social media page. I am sure you will get the chance to watch the Crufts live.

So here is a quick point that you can follow

  • Follow Channel 4 if you are from UK and USA
  • Follow Cruft’s official YouTube channel if you are outside of UK and USA
  • You Can follow Cruft’s social media page

Watch Crufts Dog Show on Channel 4

In addition to taking a look at the Crufts Dog show online, you can also stream the greatest dog show in the world on television. Channel 4, as is the long-running tradition of the Crufts show for dogs, will again air the Crufts show of 2023. 

The show will run for up to 15 hours; live coverage of the show will be broadcast through Channel 4, while the rest will be shown on More4 directly to Channel 4 from the NEC Arena in Birmingham.

2023 Crufts Dog Show live on Social Media

You can stream the Crufts dogs live-streamed on Facebook and Twitter. The top social media platforms present for this year’s Crufts Dog show in 2023 are:

Facebook will be live on their official website, which is associated with the Crufts dog show. They will also publish some live updates and videos on their page, which you can access to stay up-to-date on this year’s main display.

Another highly influential social media platform you can utilize is Twitter. The show will have a Twitter account, where you can follow live events along with videos uploaded and other tips posted on the show.

In the show 2023, Gogglebox Star Scarlett Moffatt hosted the Crufts Extra YouTube show. The show will return in 2023, and we can expect the same thing to happen on YouTube. YouTube is highly reliable and will provide the one-on-one occasion as it is lowered.

It is possible to use it if you don’t have cable TV or are in a hurry. It is also a great option if you do not want to watch the show live on Channel 4. The show will begin on YouTube beginning at 9:00 am the day of the event and run through the time that the Crufts dog show is over.

If you’re seeking more enjoyment from the event, you can join YouTube’s official YouTube account to watch the live dog show. The Crufts YouTube channel also runs during the four days the event goes down.

Crufts Dog Show 2023 TV Schedule


  • 3 pm – 4 pm: Channel 4
  • 6.30 pm – 8 pm: More4
  • 8 pm – 9 pm: Channel 4


  • 3 pm – 4 pm: Channel 4
  • 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm More4
  • 7.30 pm – 9 pm: Channel 4


  • 3 pm – 6 pm: Channel 4
  • 7 pm – 9 pm: Channel 4


  • 3 pm – 5.30 pm: Channel 4
  • 7 pm – 9 pm: Channel 4

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