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CoolX is a portable air conditioner unit that can fit anywhere. Find out whether it's right for you with these reviews.

CoolX Reviews – Scam or Does CoolX Portable AC Really Work?

The scorching heat of the sun has been the reason why everyone hates summers, the heat rays make an individual faint, feel sick, and cause many disruptions. As the days are passing the earth’s temperature has been constantly rising, each day is warmer than the previous one.

The hot summers cause difficulties for everyone, the kids playing outside, the chef cooking food, a person traveling or an individual working in an office, all feel exhausted and irritated. Well, if you are one of the people adversely affected by the sunny weather, this product named “CoolX” is the best choice for you.

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CoolX Review 

What is CoolX?

As the temperature is rising, people are getting exposed to the warm temperature that makes them exhausted and tired. While many places have air conditioners to get away from the scorching heat, others do not. This is where the product CoolX becomes handy; it is a portable air conditioner that has various incredible features.

 The product’s features make it unique and distinctive; thus they provide customers with maximum satisfaction. The product’s cool breeze on hot summer days makes the customers love the product. 

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The product has many features that help make it the best choice for customers. One of the best features of the air conditioner is its portability. Customers can carry this air conditioner along with them, without worrying about the increased temperature when traveling, working, or going out. The air conditioner makes it easy for everyone to live their life comfortably. 

Normal air conditioners require electricity to run, which makes it harder for an individual when there is a power shortage or no access to electricity. This portable air conditioner only requires water to work; hence to make the air conditioner work the water can be easily located and put in. Another feature associated with the product is its work-life; the product can work up to 8 hours when it is filled with water.

A feature that makes this product efficient is its ability to get plugged into wall outlets and USB ports. To charge the device one does not need to find different wires and plugs.

Every customer likes a product that serves them best; hence the air conditioner has different speed modes. Everyone can adjust the temperature and the speed according to their liking. Another incredible feature found in this product is that it can be used for multiple purposes. Usually, when summer days are too hot and dry, people prefer a humidifier along with an air conditioner. Hence, to solve this problem the company has a three-in-one electronic device; this device contains an air conditioner, humidifier, and a purifier.

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How Does CoolX Work?

Although this product has many features, its work is quite simple. The air cooler starts working by absorbing the hot and dry air found in the surroundings. Once the warm air gets in the cooler, it passes through the filtration system where all the excess dirt and germs get removed. The air conditioner also has a water tank that uses the water to filter the air; resulting in adding moisture and coolness to the air that is being sent out. thus, the process allows the air conditioner to work as a humidifier and a purifier as well

How to set up CoolX?

The device’s working process is quite simple; however, for the device to work, it first needs to get set up. Once the customer has foiled the tank in with water, they need to plug in the device and choose the fan mode. They can also change the fan mode according to their liking; without worrying about consuming too much energy.

 The device further does not require a proper plug or charger; it can be charged using any USB port or connection. However, if an individual feels that they still don’t understand how to operate the device, they can always refer to the instructions provided with the delivery. The customers can also ask the customer service team to address the questions and help them operate the machine.


Despite having such easy working and advanced features, the product has its price relatively low, the company has made sure not to burden the customers with high prices. The price charged for a single piece of product is $179.98; however, due to the 50% discount offered by the company, the final price is $89.99.

The company also offers one air conditioner free on the purchase of two air conditioners along with a 65% discount. The original price of the deal is $539.94; however, due to the discount offered, its final price is $189.99. In another offer on the purchase of 3 air conditioners, the company gives away two air conditioners free, along with a 71% discount. 

The original price of the offer is $599.90; however, due to the discount offered the price became $259.99. The product can be bought from the company’s original website by filling the delivery form, choosing the payment method, and selecting the most suitable deal. To facilitate the customers, the company has selected all the payment methods that are safe and reliable.

Any person who is disturbed by the scorching heat, should not wait for a second longer as they should avail the opportunity of getting themselves this portable air conditioner right now!

Conclusion on CoolX Portable Air Conditioner Review

Due to the scorching summers everyone feels exhausted, the warm temperature makes many people sick; however, these problems can be solved by ordering the CoolX by its official website. The product has some incredible features that make the product stand out in the market.

 It further has a budget-friendly price that allows the customers to buy the product without any worry. So, if you are tired from the scorching heat and you’re finding a way out of this problem, go to the product’s official website and get the deal that suits you the best!

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