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The armies of India and China are following a pattern of tit for tat on the Ladakh border. What is the current situation?

Current situation between China and India on Ladakh

F9news: The incident between China and India started when India soldiers crossed the border line of China. This incident eventually follows rising tensions and it is the first ever deadly clash on the border area since at least 45 years. However, the Indian army initially stated that three soldiers had been killed brutally by Chinese soldiers. They also added later that both sides suffered casualties.

But later, 4besnews informed that their officials quickly changed the statement by saying that a number of critically injured soldiers died because of their wounds. They changed the statement because they do not want their side of army to go down by accepting that the army of some other country shoots them. 

Indian external affairs ministry blamed China for breaking an agreement that is maintain early in the recent week to respect the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that is located in Galwan valley.

A diplomatic correspondent of BBC named James Robbins clearly says that this violence which is pervading between these two armies high up in the Himalayas is a very serious issue which will result in growing pressure on both of the nuclear powers in a full scale conflict. 

What do both sides have to say about the incident?

Early to that incident, the Indian army said that three of its soldiers which includes an officer too, had died in this clash prevailed in Ladakh, in an already disputed Kashmir region. Later on that day, the Indian army released a new statement saying that the two sides had disengaged badly.

They also added that 17 Indian soldiers were badly injured and they died later due to their critical injuries. So, according to them, the total casualties reached to 20. 

While on the other hand, China did not confirm any casualties regarding their soldiers. But, Chinese army openly accused India of crossing the line of border reluctantly onto the Chinese side.

Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, said India crossed the border twice on the same day. He continued that Indian troops kept on provoking and attacking Chinese personnel, that results in serious physical confrontation from both the sides. AFP news agency reported this.  

However, both sides say that no bullet has been fired in past decades from both these countries. The Indian army even said on Tuesday that “no shots were fired” in this latest dispute as well.

This statement by the Indian army seems to be very unclear. The question that emerges from this statement given by Indian army raises a huge question that how a clash that did not involve any exchange of bullets proves to be so lethal?

Some of the reports say that this clash is fought with rocks and clubs only. However, the local media also stated that the Indian soldiers had been beaten to death by Chinese troops.

There is no doubt in saying that these statements are unclear and fishy at the same time. The way Indian army changed its statements in very less span of time is ridiculous. It is not acceptable that a single one incident carries a huge lot of statements that kept on changing from time to time in a single day or two.

How tense is the area?

It is a much evident fact that the LAC is a poorly demarcated area. There is the massive presence of rivers, snowcaps and lakes which clearly means that the line can shift anytime and anywhere. This also clearly means that the soldiers from both of the sides, representing two of the world’s greatest and largest armies, come face to face across many collective points out there.

But still, despite of all these factors, there have been tough confrontations along the border in the previous weeks.

India has clearly accused China of sending thousands of soldiers along with several weapons into Ladakh’s Galwan valley. India also claims that China occupies 38,000sq km (14,700 sq miles) of its territory. According to India, a lot of rounds of talks in the past three decades have badly failed to resolve the boundary disputes that are going on between these two major countries.

It is to be said that in 2017, these two countries initially clashed in the region when China tried harder to extend its border road in a disputed plateau.

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