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HBO has announced it will stream season 1 of 'Insecure' for free on YouTube for 24 hours on July 23rd. Season 2 will premiere that same night.

Catch HBO’s ‘Insecure’ for free on YouTube

Are you excited about the new season of Insecure?  HBO have announced they will stream season 1 of Insecure for free on YouTube for 24 hours on July 23rd. Season 2 will premiere on the network that same night.

Starring Golden Globe nominee and creator Issa Rae (The Choir) as Issa, Yvonne Orji (Jane the Virgin) as Molly, Jay Ellis (Masters of Sex) as Lawrence, and Lisa Joyce (Rick and the Flash) as Frieda, Insecure is about two black women and their friendship. Together they must deal with their own issues and navigate the everyday experiences that make them uncomfortable.

Season 2 sees Issa exhausted by the dating scene and Molly in therapy, both unhappy with work. Issa’s after-school workshop for disadvantaged kids is marred by thievery, and Molly discovers a white male co-worker earns a lot more than she does.

The critically acclaimed series, punctuated by Rae’s signature rap monologues, is a fun but authentic snapshot of being a black woman in the 21st century.

“Our comedy doesn’t feel like any other comedy”, executive producer and director Melina Matsoukas told a preview audience. “We see humor in real life — the humor in race and in being a woman. Insecure can have a real tone and still make us laugh.”

Issa Rae earned over 25 million views and a Shorty Award for her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl (2011). The decision to share her latest work on her original platform is a great opportunity for Rae’s earliest fans to see how far she’s come.

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