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Take a look at how Martin Scorsese's 'Casino' movie contains some dark truths about what can actually happen in the world of casinos.


There is no industry like the movie industry when it comes to branding and marketing. The best-selling unique trends in the world promote their businesses in movies. Like any industry, the casino industry has continued to grow from several scenes in any film. The prolific growth has seen the discovery of online gambling, which massively has raised the industry profits. 

Different casinos have a beautiful way of welcoming new members and promoting the senior members to continue playing. The wildz and promotion codes are offered, and they are redeemed in any casino games, and they increase the chances of winning a game.

The casino movie plot inspiration was of Frank Rosenthal, manager of Fremont’s real-life stories. At times, the stories are changed to increase the relevance of any movie, but some actual events were maintained.

The Movie Characters Are Directly Linked To the True Events

Characters driven in the movies present actual life occurrences; for example, in the Casino movie, Sam plays Frank’s real character. The movie’s plots may contain a direct analysis of the characters posed by any casino player, but some scenes are edited to promote the occurrences associated directly with casino gaming.

Some Casinos Do Not Have Relevant Licenses

Most casinos do not have gaming licenses, as acquiring them is risky, expensive, and time-consuming. Rosenthal did not have any gaming licenses, and in the play, it represents dark humor, but it is an actual real-life situation. 

When a casino owner is linked with crime activities obtaining the license is risky since it will open the business to externalities which causes possible leaks of the criminal activities conducted.

Rothstein showcases directly how corrupt our legal process is in letting crime activities in their jurisdiction as long as they have financial benefits.

Drug Abuse

Gambling is an addictive lifestyle activity, and it leads to the consumption of drugs like alcohol. Most gamers are drug abusers, and involvement in various activities while intoxicated leads to poor judgment. In the movie, Casino Geri, the ex-wife to Rosenthal, dies from a drug overdose. In the end, McKenna also died of drug abuse.

Criminal Activities in Casinos

In casinos, there is a lot of criminal activities hidden, and misunderstanding leads to killings. As much as the government tries to regulate their actions, the casino owners have ways to evade the system operating requirements. In the movie, Rosenthal survived a car bombing that was set up to kill him.

In conclusion, most plot scenes in the movies are related to actual life activities. Most casino gaming providers do not have the proper licensing, which is to prevent their criminal activities from being discovered by the authorities. Drug abuse and addiction are common characteristics among the players, and if not controlled, it leads to fatalities like deaths. 

Many criminal activities happen in the casinos, and in case of any betrayal from fellow members, killings are a common occurrence. If you want to play casino games, have relevant experience or guidance to prevent your money loss.

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