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Plenty of entertainment includes scenes where characters try their luck at the casino. Check out the best casino related films and TV shows.

Best Casino Related Films and TV Shows

It is interesting to note that most casino games have popular films and TV shows as their themes. What’s more interesting is that some TV shows and popular films also have the casino and gambling related adventures as their theme. James Bond’s Casino Royale must certainly ring a bell when casino films are mentioned. 

Surprisingly though, casino themes are popular in TV shows and films with tens of films and TV shows featuring the casino.  Below are just a few of the many casino-themed TV shows and Films that you should check out when you visit the movie shop next.

Best Casino-themed Films

Casinos and casino resorts have always been regarded as a reserve for the affluent in the society with most of their operations remaining shrouded in mysteries and crimes. It is no wonder then that they are sometimes the setting in some of the best films of our times. Some of the most famous films that remind us of casinos and gambling adventures include:

Casino Royale (2006)

This is perhaps the most famous casino themed film that most players can relate with. It is not quite clear if the fascination is because the film stars the fearless James Bond or because it brought us closer to learning about the ancient Baccarat games. It is possible in the earlier days Baccarat was the best high stakes game although in the 2006 Casino Royale

James Bond plays Texas hold ‘em and through tense gaming sessions, he wins 115 million dollars. While the movie was not only filmed inside the casino, the casino scene, title and the big stakes won at the casino are important details that draw heavily from gambling and attracted a large number of viewers.

Mississippi Grind (2015)

If there is a funny gambler’s fallacy, it is believing that one can win just by getting a strong hunch of this possibility. The movie takes you through the life of a gambling addict who teams up with a new gambling mate and they engage in gambling adventures ranging from dog races, slots and roulettes to poker games, craps and horse races. 

The film is full of suspense and thrilling moments as the pair travels from casino to casino and also struggle with a gambling addiction and eventually claim victories.   

Rain Man (1988)

Actor Tom Cruise is a darling of many movie fans for many reasons that not only include his looks but also his acting skills. Rain Man takes Tom Cruise on a quest to reclaim his rightful inheritance from his estranged brother. 

His discovery that his brother is talented in maths leads him to try and use him to make wins in the gambling world. The film takes us to the sparkling Las Vegas where the brothers use the card-counting skills to win in blackjack. 

Casino Related TV Shows

TV shows have also not been left behind in using casinos as their themes. Some of the popular casino-related TV shows include;

Las Vegas (2003 to 2008)

You will certainly love the title and the show of the glittering lights in the famous gambling city of Las Vegas. Things also get more interesting when the characters in the show include the moral detective who has to balance between maintaining morality, his past and putting business first.

Celebrity Poker Showdown (2003 to 2006)

This was a poker tournament style show that was televised over the Bravo network. The winners took grand prizes for their chosen charities.

As the title alludes, there is bound to be lots of excitement watching your favourite superstars battle it out at a game of poker. Will beauty or brains carry the day?  For the 5 seasons that the show aired, that was the question on most viewers’ minds.  The show also witnessed exciting surprises, with big stakes and the pot sizes spiraling to millions of dollars. 

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