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Film Daily Debrief: Cable and Canon won’t die, The Cured has pulse

IFC Films snags North American distribution rights for David Freyne’s zombie flick The Cured, starring Ellen Page.

Film Daily Debrief: Cable and Canon won’t die, The Cured has pulse

New Ellen Page zombie flick The Cured confirms strong pulse

Critics are sinking their teeth into the newest feature from pint-sized LGBTQI warrior Ellen Page (Juno), and it looks like they’re not the only fans. IFC just scored the rights to The Cured for North American distribution for an unknown figure, after the movie closed deals for a variety of international markets.

Gearheads rejoice! Canon is developing a new tiny camera

Even though the press release copy nearly sent us into a coma, we’re still pretty excited the geeks over at Canon are developing a new space-saving camera. The MM100-WS will feature a smooth, compact body with high scalability & killer curves. The small but perfectly formed camera will be perfect for filming in those hard-to-reach places. Filmmakers everywhere who sustained 5D-related back & neck injuries are breathing a sigh of relief.

First feast, then famine: Cable is quickly going the way of the buffalo

We didn’t need a crystal ball to predict this one. Research firm eMarketer reported today that American consumers are cancelling their cable subscriptions much faster than anticipated (by cable industry insiders, probably). Their research suggests that by 2021 a mere 181.7 million people will subscribe to traditional pay-TV models. To put that in perspective, Netflix currently has over 100 million subscribers and counting. While the older generations are quickly cutting the cord, Millennials and Gen Y never bought cable in the first place. We bad feel for a youth that never experienced the crushing boredom of flicking between music channels searching for “that song I like” – it was real character-forming stuff.

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