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TikTok is here to stay. Here's a list of the best sites to use if you want to increase and buy more TikTok followers.

25 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (High Quality Followers)

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media networks in the world with over a billion users. Every day the platform sees an influx of hundreds of millions of active users. So, this is quite a nice platform to gain popularity on as it can be beneficial if you are looking to create an online presence. But due to the popularity of the platform, it has become very competitive and it can be hard to get your Tik Toks noticed among already established Tik Tokers. So, boosting your stats by using services to buy Tik Tok likes, followers, etc. can help.

Today, we have created a list of the best sites to buy tik tok followers cheap. You can visit these websites to check out the services they provide and if you are interested in them you can select the perfect package to meet both your budget and goals.

Best Sites to Buy Tik Tok Followers


Let’s look at the first company on this list of best sites to buy Tik Tok followers. Viralyft is a company that is adept at offering services that can help people increase the number of likes, views and comments on their posts or increase the number of followers that they have on their profile. This is a company that offers services to people that want to grow on popular social media channels by boosting their engagement in effective ways. The company promises to provide fast results to clients.

Time is money. So, wasting time waiting to gain stats is something the company does not want you to do. You will get high-quality services delivered to you in less time. Another feature of the company is that it prices the services in such a way that it is affordable for clients in all budget ranges. It also wants to stay relevant among competitors which is why the price is lowered to give the company a competitive edge. You will get the results that you paid for and everything is safe and secured.

The company claims to never put your account at any sort of risk. It provides round-the-clock customer support for clients. Whenever you need to get in touch with them you can do it. Viralyft claims that its services will help you gain popularity on social media platforms by getting more exposure. The payment method is secured via the SSL gateway. The price of 250 Tik Tok followers costs $6.99. You can buy 5000 followers for $79.99. Visit the website for more details on the services.

SocialPackages is a company that has been around for a few years and it promotes itself as the best growth service provider for Instagram users. The company is confident about the service that it provides its customers and claims that it only provides real promotion to them. This is why it is very confident that by using the services that it provides on its website you will never get banned as it never puts your account at any risk.

No sensitive info like your social media profile password is asked or requested. SocialPackages provides services for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok and many different platforms. So, if you want to increase your presence on more than one social media channel you can find a solution that suits your needs. Generally, in purchasing stats you will experience drops. But SocialPackages is one of the companies that guarantee refills for its clients in such cases. It also promises to provide faster delivery of services as your time is important to them. All the services are risk-free and are of premium quality.

If you have any doubts or questions and you want to reach out to the company you can easily do it because the company promises to provide 24/7 customer support. You can visit the website and use the chat button provided to connect with them as well. The starting price for Tik Tok followers on this website is $6.50 for 250 followers. The maximum number of followers that you can purchase from one single package is 5000 for $79.50. 


ViewsExpert is a website that supports a plethora of social media platforms. So, if you have a profile on Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Twitch then you will find relevant services for those platforms on this website. These services have been made to ensure that clients who purchase them can grow their presence on the platform of their choosing.

The company has a vast network and when you decide to purchase any service like buying likes or followers, the company uses this network to gain you the stats that you ordered. The entire procedure to boost likes, comments, views etc. on your posts and grow your follower count is very easy. Just go to and choose the platform you want to grow on by selecting it from the drop-down list that you can get by hovering over the services option on the top navbar.

Now, select the service that you want. This will depend on whether you are looking to buy likes or followers or comments etc. Once you have selected the service you want, you need to choose the number of that stat you want to purchase. This will depend on your requirement and budget. Now, choose the payment method that is more suitable for you and pay for the service. Now, ViewsExpert will work to get the service delivered to your post or profile as the case may be. The starting package for Tik Tok followers on costs $6 and provides you with 240 followers.

GetViral is a company that provides a plethora of services for many social media sites that are being used by hundreds of millions of people on a regular basis. These platforms can help people promote their brand or sell their products and services by getting more exposure and engagement. When you visit the website you can see what platforms the company offers services for by taking a look at the top navbar. You will find services for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitch.

The services that the company provides for these platforms will help you gain more authority on social media. You can purchase views to increase the number of views on your posts, comments to engage people into the conversation and likes to increase the credibility of the post. You can also purchase followers for your profile. The company has been around for over 7 years now. In this time, it has been able to provide services to more than 150k clients. Many of the customers that use the services by this company are satisfied with it and are very likely to refer them to friends and relatives.

GetViral has a large number of customers who return for its services. The company claims that its services are of very high quality. If somehow the company fails to deliver the order to you as promised then you will get back the money you paid for it. It is one of the reasons Getviral is one of the leading service providers. The customer care of the company never sleeps and provides round-the-clock support. So, you can get in touch with them in case of doubts and queries.

Another website that claims to provide top quality real Instagram growth service to people who want to increase their credibility on Instagram is Fastlikes. The company claims that no bots or fake accounts are used to provide you with the followers and it should be that way. Real people will be working on your account. The company has some experience in this industry and has worked towards providing quality social media services to clients all over the world who want to improve their presence on social media platforms.

This is why it provides quality services to customers and is very confident that the satisfaction of the customers is guaranteed. To ensure that you can focus on creating content and do not have to wait too long to gain credibility to be able to use effectively to promote your post or profile the company works towards delivering the services as fast as possible. The company guarantees the quality of the services. You will get what you paid for i.e. premium quality stats on your profile on the platform of your choosing.

The company supports many different and popular social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify and Facebook. These platforms are used by millions of people and gaining popularity on them can be quite beneficial. You can buy Tik Tok followers on There are many packages and the price ranges from $4.99 to $139.99 for 250 followers to 10,000 followers. These will be followers from all across the globe. The refill of the stats is guaranteed by Fastlikes. 


Let’s now move on to the next social media services provider on this list of best sites to buy Tik Tok followers. This time it is Famups. It is a company that provides cheap social media services for multiple platforms. You can buy likes, followers and views for Facebook, you can buy likes, followed, comments and views for Instagram, you can buy YouTube views, subscribers likes and comments, you can buy followers, plays, comments, reposts, likes for SoundCloud, you can also invest in plays and followers for Spotify or purchase Twitter followers or retweets.

Famups wants to help its clients and boost the social connections that they play through the supported social media platforms. It is a company that claims that it uses organic methods and techniques to drive engagement to the profiles of the clients. It has been around for some time and uses advanced methodologies and digital round maps to manage social media marketing and drive traffic to the clients. Many digital solutions are used to ensure that the customer is able to convert its audiences to long-term customers. Famups promises timely delivery of the services. In a few seconds after purchasing the order, you will be able to see the growth.

The company claims that the services are reliable and are provided at an affordable cost without compromising quality. The company is always ready to help the clients. This is why it provides 24/7 customer support to clear doubts and queries. Visit to learn more about these services.


Social-Viral has services that can help you go viral on social media platforms. The company provides services for many popular social media platforms that include the likes of Spotify, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and Facebook. So, people looking to gain some online credibility on these platforms can visit the website and take a look at the various services that it provides. You can artificially boost the number of likes, views, comments, followers etc. on your posts and profile on the above-mentioned platforms.

All these services will help you make your content viral. Social-Viral claims that it provides stats from accounts that look very real. You wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise as it would have profile pics and posts and other features of a real account. It won’t look like some bot account. The company claims that many of the top celebrities and influencers have been regularly using its services. So, you can trust the company on the quality of the services that it offers its clients.

You will be able to start seeing immediate results once you purchase likes, views, followers etc. The company starts the delivery as soon as you complete the order. So, you do not have to waste a lot of time waiting for your stats. The rate of the packages for the services is affordable. You do not have to spend too much of your budget on these stats. The company wants to keep everything affordable and competitive. Now, let us take a look at the price of Tik Tok followers on Social-Viral. For $2.19 you can purchase 50 Tik Tok followers from this website. You can buy a max of 5k followers at a price of $99.99.


TokUpgrade is a company that provides real Tik Tok followers to people looking to establish a presence on the platform and gain a lot of engagement. The company claims that its services are fully managed and it will help you get more dame on Tik Tok. It says that by using its service you are making it easy for yourself to grow in Tik Tok.

TokUpgrade helps you gain the result you want by getting your profile more views through the use of organic engagement. It claims to provide all this at a very affordable rate. When you decide to use the service of Tokupgrade you need to put in some target accounts to help them narrow your target audience. You can provide a list of competitors, target usernames, influencers etc. that you believe are in your niche. This means that people who follow these profiles might be interested in your too if they see it. The next step is performed by TokUpgrade as it interacts with posts of potential target audiences.

You can keep providing relevant profiles and the company will auto-engage with them. If you post quality content then when the interacted profiles come to check out your profile they might want to follow you and like your posts. You do not directly buy Tik Tok followers from this company but rather do it in an organic way. The regular plan for TokUpgrade costs $15 per week. Visit the website for more details. 


Topstik is the next company on this list of best sites to buy Tik Tok followers. This is a company that is completely invested in providing stat-boosting services for Tik Tok. Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of people using it daily so it makes sense to cater to Tik Tok users who want to boost the number of followers on their profile, or views and likes on their posts to gain some credibility. Topstik understands that the platform is quite impactful and why it should be used by people to promote themselves or to gain online popularity. When you go to you will find a nav bar at the top.

Hovering over the services option will provide you with a drop-down list of the services that this company offers to Tik Tok users. You can buy Tik Tok followers, purchase Tik Tok like, invest in Tik Tok views, buy Tik Tok hearts and get Tik Tok shares. You can select the service you are looking for and you will land on a page that has multiple packages for that service.

If you are interested in purchasing Tik Tok followers then the price for it starts at $11 for 500 followers. The costliest package is priced at $200 for 20k Tik Tok followers. The price is quite cheap. The company provides 24/7 customer support to clients so you can reach out to them in case of doubts or queries. 


Well, the name of the next company makes it easier to guess what it probably deals with. TiktokFame is a company that has services for people who are looking to gain some popularity on Tik Tok. The company claims that all the stats that your purchase from the website will be real and give you a real boost. TiktokFame claims to be different from other companies as it will provide you with real likes and followers that will help you grow your Tik Tok profile and take it to the next level.

These services are meant to help people realize their true potential on Tik Tok. So, if you are looking to achieve that goal then definitely take a look at this company and reach out to the support team in case of doubts and queries. Two of the most sorted after services for Tik Tok are – buy Tik Tok fans and buy Tik Tok likes. The company provides both of these services so that you can boost the relevant stats. Purchasing fans and likes from TiktokFame is very easy. In just a few steps you can boost the number of likes and fans.

Just select the appropriate service you are looking for and choose a package that fits your needs and budget. Once you pay for it the company will do the rest while you focus on creating more quality content. The price for Tik Tok fans starts at $4.99 for 100 fans. The other package costs $15.99 for 500 fans. TiktokFame claims to provide a lifetime guarantee on these services. 


Let’s take a look at another company that is dedicated to providing services exclusively for people wanting to grow on Tik Tok. You can visit the website to check out the services that it provides. You can buy Tik Tok followers, likes and views on the website. The company wants to be affordable because there are many enthusiastic people and brands that want to use Tik Tok to promote themselves but may not have a huge social media marketing budget.

Celebian wants to provide affordable services that won’t break the bank of the customers but at the same time, it does not compromise with the quality just to lower the rate. The start of the delivery of the service is instant. As soon as you place an order with Celebian the company starts working on delivering you the stats at that instant itself. The company says that the experience of the clients is its priority which is why it provides awesome support and is always ready to assist in case of queries or doubts.

The company claims that it has hundreds of regular customers who return to purchase more stats because of the quality of the service being provided. Let’s take a look at the price of the packages for Tik Tok followers. You can get 100 followers for $4.99. The most followers that a single package provides is 5000 for $59.99. Celebian also provides few likes and followers. Visit the site for more details on that. 


Toksocial is a company that wants to help people get real and targeted followers on Tik Tok. If you are looking for services that let you gain lots of followers on Tik Tok then visit The company is proud of its service because it helps provide real and targeted followers to the customers. These followers will be actually interested in your Tik Tok profile. Since the followers are real and are not filled with bots and fake accounts you will have a stronger fan base that will last longer.

Toksocial has provided advanced filter options so that clients can target more specific niche if they want to. It also has the option to blacklist interests that clients may not want to engage with. When you opt for the service provided by Toksocial you get a dedicated account manager who is ready to assist you in any scenario related to this and ensures that you are successful on Tik Tok. The company claims that by using its service you can watch your TikToks go viral.

You will get more exposure leading you to reach a larger audience. It is very easy to opt for the service. You have to register on the website and select a plan. The regular plan costs $15 per week and provides you with moderate growth. For maximum growth, you need to opt for the Pro Plan that costs $25 per week. The rest of the features for both services are the same. Toksocial claims to be trusted by over 2.5k Influencers and brands that use its services to promote on Tik Tok. 


TokCaptain is the next company on this list. If you want to boost your Tik Tok account using the leading source for Tik Tok services then visit It claims to be the number one platform when it comes to providing services for Tik Tok growth. The company claims to provide real and genuine followers that will help boost your account on Tik Tok. Using these relevant and real services you can increase your reach and get real followers in Tik Tok.

Now, you already have a service in mind that you want to purchase. When you visit the website just select that service and pay for it. The company then works behind the scenes to ensure that your content and profile get the exposure it deserves on Tik Tok. Using its services you can increase your reach on Tik Tok today. TokCaptain promises to promote the client’s account to their target audiences. As long as you keep on adding quality and entertaining content you will experience more growth.

The company understands that time is equivalent to money. This is why it does not waste time to start the delivery of the service as soon as you pay for it. All the stats will be real. Everything is safe and secure. The company has made sure that the services are affordable without lowering the quality. The company provides two types of followers Viz. high-quality Tik Tok followers that start at $2.99 for 100 followers and high-quality premium followers that start at $5.99 for 100 followers. You can visit the website to learn more about these services. 


The next company is BuySocialBuzz. It is a company that provides accelerated social media marketing services to its clients. The company claims that its services will help you increase your presence on social media platforms. BuySocialBuzz is not only dedicated to offering services exclusively to people looking to get a boost on Tik Tok. It has services for other popular social media platforms as well. You can purchase stuff for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Spotify. The company also has services that can help you purchase traffic for your website.

So, if you are looking for something like that then be sure to check out the services by BuySocialBuzz by visiting The company promises that everything is secure on the website. Your privacy is its responsibility. Your personal data and account information will be kept private. Everything is protected from risks. The payment method is very secure and major payment methods are used like PayPal, credit and debit cards. The company does not require the password of your social media profiles. All the information is safe. The company claims that its services have long-term retention.

The company will return your money if the service is not delivered. Each of the services that you order has a 15-day guarantee. The company also provides 24/7 customer support to help out clients that have doubts. The price for Tik Tok fans on varies between $6.30 and $225 for 200 and 10k fans respectively. Visit the website to check out the packages or to reach out to the company.


Task Ant is a site we find intriguing and unique, largely as it can allow you to purchase Tik Tok followers you might say you probably won’t be able to get a hold of with way too many other internet sites out there. They believe in assisting their clients to achieve their particular Tik Tok follower goals organically in a steady way. For this valid reason they focus on another facet of your Tik Tok at first; your hashtags. 

It is very important to use hashtags properly to drive traffic to your account. TakAnt assists their clients about which hashtag will be suitable for their pictures and videos. Their customer support is available 24/7 and you can cancel their service anytime if you feel that they are not up to the mark.  

You certainly do not need to worry about these complications as TaskAnt gets it done for you. TaskAnt offers two different packages. The solo package costs $15 per week and you will only get 100 results per search with 30 hashtags. Apart from that, the Growth package costing $49 per month allows you to get unlimited search results with limitless hashtag sets. Both these packages reveal outcomes after in-depth evaluation as the Solo package works for three companies while the Growth package works for unlimited brands. 


Followersup is one of the best sites to buy Tik Tok followers and provides high-quality services so that their clients can broaden their reach. Unlike other sites that provide services for cheap but use bots and spam accounts to deliver services that boost their engagement for a very short period, Followersup takes care of their client’s reputation. They are known for their delivery on time and have been serving customers since 2016. They tend to deliver orders in less than an hour. But in case of further delay, clients can contact their 24/7 customer support assistance. Whenever there are orders of a larger size, Followersup delivers orders steadily so that your account is not questioned by the Tik Tok algorithms. 

This site can help you if you want to be able to customize your account. Their best feature is a sliding selection tool, which lets you choose your desired package. There is the same system for Tik Tok likes and views. In addition to Tik Tok, Followersup offers its services for other platforms like Spotify, Twitch, Linked In, YouTube, and more. 

They help you build a solid reputation on Tik Tok and also offer a warranty on your purchase. They won’t ask for your personal information or password. They offer four packages to choose from, with the starting package costing $3 for 100 Tik Tok followers and increasing up to $699 for 100000 Tik Tok followers. It is a legit site so you can rest assured.


Woorke is a good site to buy social media services from. It also has other services like search engine optimization services and development services to help you grow online. A lot of people order from The company regularly puts up discounts and offers on its services. One of the popular services that Woorke offers is the sale of email accounts. If you are looking for an official email address that you can’t find you can check it out on Woorke. It has a lot of email accounts based on different popular domains like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc.

The service is so popular that Woorke claims to have sold over 1.5 million email accounts already. The company has a lot of social media services as well. It has chosen almost all major and popular social media platforms that are in use these days and provides services to grow on them. Woorke offers both one-time and subscription-based services. 

You can get over a 10% discount on your first purchase and there are several payment methods so that you can choose the one you are comfortable with. Now, let’s take a look at the services for Tik Tok. You can buy Tik Tok followers/fans, hearts/likes, accounts, comments, shares and views. Woorke generally provides three packages for each service. For Tik Tok followers, the rate of the cheapest package is $5 for every 50 followers.


Alright, now let us take a look at the next company on this list. It is BuySocialMediaMarketing. This is a company that provides social media services to clients all over the world. These services are of premium quality and can help you to start improving your presence on various social media platforms. The company wants to become your trusted provider of social media services. It has received a lot of positive reviews from its clients that have benefitted from these services. 

To ensure that you are able to boost your presence on multiple channels the company provides services for popular platforms which include the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter etc. BuySocialMediaMarketing wants to ensure top-quality results at affordable costs. So, when you visit the site you will find that the prices of the packages are quite low.

The company accepts both credit/debit card payments as well as crypto payments. You can buy followers, likes, comments, views and shares for Tik Tok from To buy followers you need to have 4.99 which gets you, 100 followers. 


How to Go Viral on TikTok?

There is no alternative to good quality and entertaining content. If you want to consistently create Tik Toks that go girls then you have to be consistent with the quality of it. Of course, you can become a one-hit-wonder but those chances are rare. But if you keep making entertaining Tik Tok with good quality visuals and content then you will slowly build a following and people will know to take a look at your Tik Tok if it appears on their feed or if they see it on the discover page. 

How to Get Instant Followers on Tik Tok?

You can’t get instant followers on Tik Tok completely organically. You may need to wait a few days after making good Tik Toks and promoting them to gain a good following. But one thing that can help in establishing some credibility is to buy Tik Tok followers. This can give you an instant boost to increase the number of followers on your Tik Tok profile.

You can go to any of the websites that we have mentioned above and purchase Tik Tok followers. Many people do this because it can provide them with social proof. 

How to Increase Engagement on Tik Tok?

It all depends on the quality of the content. Have you ever liked a Tik Tok if it was boring or didn’t add anything to your life? People are coming to social media for entertainment and relaxation. If your Tik Tok isn’t entertaining enough they will move on to another one. They have millions of other options. So, you have to try and stand out.

Never compromise on the quality of the Tik Tok. It should be well lit and the content should be relevant to your profile. You need to let people know what to expect when they follow you on Tik Tok. This will make them your fan and whenever you upload something they will engage with it. 


So, that’s the end of this list. We hope that we have provided you with enough sources to consider while looking to buy Tik Tok followers. Always reach out to the company using the customer support options if you have any queries or doubts. Also, remember your content matters the most. If your content is not good then even after buying likes and followers you will not be able to gain the popularity you desire. So, take your time to create great content and the rest will fall into place!

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