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Bang Bang Con is here! Find out how to live stream the exciting BTS musical event online for free.

BTS’s! Bang Bang Con 2021 Live Free Streaming, How to Watch Concert?

Don’t Miss the Big concert If you want you can watch free BTS’s Bang Bang Con 2021 Online Live Streaming. This past weekend, BTS surprised and delighted 

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their massive fan base by revealing that the latest edition of their online-only Bang Bang Con concert series wasn’t just in the works, but that it’s coming very, very soon.

When and Where to watch #BangBangCon21?

Bang Bang Con 21 will air on April 17 at 3 pm KST or 2 am EDT on Bangtan TV on YouTube only. This means that BTS fans in India will be able to stream it at 11:30 am on April 17. BTS’ Dynamite Continues To Break Records, Becomes The Third-Most-Liked YouTube Video Of All Time

What will #BangBangCon21 feature?

The mega event will feature the group’s past concerts and fan meets. According to a release shared by BTS’s U.S. press team, the Bang Bang Con 2021 will start with the 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS Begins and will continue with their global fan meet, BTS 5th Muster [Magic Shop], held in June 2019. The event will also include their performances from Sao Paulo and Brazil back in 2019. BTS Updates, April 12, Monday: Dynamite Crosses 1 Million Mark, V Doesn’t Like Clicking Selfies

Is this the first-ever #BangBangCon21?

No, last year as well, BTS hosted a two-day live stream on their Youtube channel Bangtan TV in April. It was a repeat of their old concerts. This was followed by Bang Bang Con: The Live, a 90-minute pay-per-view concert. This live concert also set a Guinness World Record as fans from 107 countries enjoyed the concert.

BTS fans, also known as its ARMY , are super excited for the grand event and cannot wait to listen to their favourite K-pop band. Are you excited too?

Well, BTS has already surprised and shocked their fans as they revealed that the latest edition of their online-only Bang Bang Con concert series will be out soon. The South Korean septet’s third installment will take place on Saturday, April 17 from 2:00 AM. The ‘BTS Army’ is all happy and thrilled.

Bang Bang Con 2021 will include footage from past concerts and there will also be a meet and greets with fans throughout the years that they have been together. Unlike 

their most recent installment of the brand, the septet will not be performing live. The BTS Army will be able to watch the performance free on YouTube. According to a release shared by BTS’s U.S. press team, the Bang Bang Con 2021 edition will start with one of their earliest major shows, the 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. The upcoming Bang Bang Con 2021 will also proceed with the 5th Musterthey even interact with their fans and have other fun moments too. 5th Muster [Magicshop] took place from June 15 and 16 and 22 and 23 in 2019 in Seoul and Busan, South Korea.

The Bang Bang Con 2021 will end by showcasing the footage of BTS performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 25 and 26 back in 2019. Those shows were part of several concerts that were added to the band’s BTS World Tour: Love Yourself trek, with an entire second leg named BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. The band had attracted 85,000 people in South America. Well, the BTS is keeping up with their brand going with their third installment as their first two were a grand success. 


According to Big Hit metrics, “Band Bang Con The Live” reached a peak of 756,000 concurrent viewers in 107 countries and territories. Attendance was the equivalent of 15 shows at a 50,000 seat stadium. At the time, the event also set a new record for ticket sales for an online concert with close to $20 million in receipts, according to various media sources.

Final Word About BTS’s Bang Bang Con 2021

Established and upcoming acts alike have embraced what amounts to a new way of connecting with their fans, although few have achieved the level of worldwide success enjoyed by BTS. 

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