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'Bridgerton' broke records on Netflix, still, several people haven’t given themselves the opportunity to watch. Here's how you can watch the series online.

Lady Whistledown is back: How can you watch ‘Bridgerton’ online free?

Bridgerton broke all records on Netflix, still, several people haven’t given themselves the opportunity to watch it. Somehow it’s understandable, even though people know it’s a great show, as in all of Shonda Rhimes productions, there’s a ruthless amount of content to watch. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you why you should watch Bridgerton and all the ways you can stream it for free online. 

Even though the pandemic is far from its end, the lockdown days when everyone had free time are over. With the return to regular activities, comes the need of selecting the contents we spend time and, most importantly, money in. There are more streaming platforms that monopolize some producers’ T.V. shows & movies releases. This makes the selection of a streaming platform, the hardest one.

Fortunately, almost all streaming platforms come with a free trial, or at least with a small discount for the first months. Yet, this isn’t the most practical way to stream content, because the whole point of watching a movie or a T.V. show is enjoying it, in this way you feel the rush all the time.

What’s Bridgerton about?

If you haven’t watched Bridgerton, here’s a long story short to give you some context. However, if you don’t end up being a fan, remember these websites always have several series and movies you can choose from. Yet, Bridgerton tells the story of the Bridgerton Family in Regency London and the story starts with the concern of getting the girls married. 

The series is all about beautiful fairytale dresses with Jane Austen vibes, yet, it has a strong political force that somehow contrasts it. Bridgerton is recognized for being one of the few shows which did color-blind casts. This might sound amazing if you are a BLM follower or just a sensitive regular human being that condemns racism, however, this situation has awakened several negative critics. 

Due to the presence of Black actors in a vintage story of Londonese Bourgeoisie, several critics have marked it as nonsense. Yet, many other viewers celebrate the fact that this story can somehow rewrite a new portrayal of Black history with completely different narratives. In fact, Shonda Rhimes once described Bridgerton as “a very feminist, very steamy take on the strict social mores of early 19th century London”.

If you weren’t interested in watching the show you surely are now. Did we forget to mention that it’s narrated by Julie Andrews? Yet, what’s the wait for season two, and where can you stream it online for free? Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix hacks and other websites.

Where to watch it online for free?

Remember Bridgerton is a Netflix original, which means it’ll be released on Netflix. It also should also be exclusive, yet, this word no longer exists in the contemporary dictionary. You may not find the way to stream Bridgerton or any other content for free on Netflix, honestly, that’s a lot to ask. Nevertheless, there are some tips and hacks that might be useful. 

The classic move for any streaming platform is getting the monthly free trial, but don’t worry if you used all your mail accounts already. The other option is getting a free year subscription if you use Verizon Fios. T-Mobile also gives basic subscriptions for low prices. However, these options only apply to U.S. inhabitants. 

Nevertheless, we’ve done research to fight this problem and bring you the best sites to watch Bridgerton and other series for free. Some people don’t like them, but free streaming web pages aren’t as sketchy as they look, and can be your way out to finally watch some content for free. Our favorite free sites to watch movies & T.V. shows online are 123Movies, Putlockers, BridMoviekeys, and Cuevana. 

Where do you stream your favorite movies & series online for free? Tell us in the comments below!

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