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The internet is a boring place as most regular websites are mostly outdated. Check out these entertaining sites including autocorrect fails.

Boredom-busting websites that will keep you entertained

The internet can be a boring place as most of our regular websites are mostly identical and outdated. These websites churn out the same content again and again. So if you are bored with such websites and are searching for some new corners of the internet to get yourself fired up with enthusiasm, then you are at the right place. In this article, we share with you seven websites that are innovative and will ignite your curiosity. And these websites will kill your boredom as well.  

1. Buhamster: 

The engaging content and wide range of topics make the best place on the internet to kill your boredom and get entertained. In a nutshell, the website is a collection of articles, lists, and blogs. Here, you will find exciting discussions on every topic under the sun. From science to history and from traveling to fashion, Buhamster is the one place to enjoy engaging content. The website’s motto is to make every visitor’s life ‘more meaningful and fulfilling.’ 

Hence, it has a collection of inspiring stories and fun-filled content. Articles like ‘List of the ugliest actors’ and blog posts like ‘I inspect the toilet before flushing-Why?’ are sure to kill your boredom and would also add to your knowledge. The website has categorized all content in various sections effectively, such as Animals, Nature, Funny, and Life Stories. Courtesy of this lucid categorization of content, it becomes easier to find content that suits your taste. Buhamster fuels your curiosity with its engaging content and hence is a great way to kill boredom. 

2. Mental Floss: 

If you want to spend time on the internet and still want to learn something, then Mental Floss is your ideal bet. The website describes itself as ‘the encyclopedia of everything’ and offers content on interesting questions. The information is generally reliable as it comes from credible sources. 

There are several articles, view lists, videos, and quizzes to keep you hooked. You will kill your boredom by browsing this rich content and will learn exciting and smarts facts about everything around you. The ads can be a bit distracting, but once you get acquainted with the interface, there is no turning back.

3. Reddit:

Reddit is one of the most popular internet spaces for surfing through random news and information. Users often refer to it as the ‘front page of the internet’ as it covers all major trending topics and has information about issues that aren’t mainstream yet. What makes Reddit intriguing is its format. Reddit is a community board split up into sections of categories or interests. Here, you can submit links to articles, photos, or videos that you feel are worth sharing. Other users can then upvote or downvote them. The most upvoted links get pushed to the top and thus have better chances of a wider reach. 

4. Autocorrect Fail:

The auto-correct feature in our smartphones has landed all of us in some trouble atleast once. Thanks to the smartphone’s ability to predict words automatically, we have at times said things we never intended to. If you feel you are the only one who cannot use the feature correctly, visit ‘Autocorrect Fail,’ and you will see a ton of blunders committed by auto-correct and the consequences it has on people’s life. 

The website is an expansive collection of funny texts between people who have experienced all communication problems due to the auto-correct feature on a mobile device. 

5.Laughing Squid:

Laughing Squid is the ideal place to check wacky, inspiring, and unbelievable stuff on the internet. The website is a hub of highly visual posts about sections like art, culture, and technology. Most of the content is in photo and video format that makes it more engaging. 

The website is updated frequently. So there is always new content whenever you visit it. To ensure visitors don’t get bored, Laughing Squid keeps the posts short. The website has a massive collection of lectures on various issues, and you get cutting-edge information. 

6. Bored Panda:

The website ‘Bored Panda’ is for people who are bored of surfing the monotonous content on the internet and are looking for something new and interesting. The website has visually appealing content that grabs your attention and keeps you hooked. 

In a nutshell, the website is a blog that showcases regular updates on topics like travel, photography, animals, technology, design, and tech. To increase the audience interaction, the Bored Panda allows users to upvote and downvote posts. 

7.Awkward Family Photos:

All of us have that one old photo from back in the day that is just too embarrassing to look at now. Some of us are too shy to share it with friends. Hence, most times, such photos are buried in some deep corner in the home. 

However, some brave people are more than happy to share their embarrassment with the world. ‘Awkward Family Photos’ is the website where the world submits their hilarious and retro photos and helps other people kill their boredom by skimming through them. 

From terrible hairdos and outfits to weird family portraits, there are all kinds of photos here. Hence, it is no surprise that this site is a big hit on the internet.

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