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Want to play your online games without lag? Here's how satellite internet can boost your gameplay and take it to the next level.

Which satellite internet is best for online gaming

Online gaming has gone through a series of innovations. There are multiplayer simulation games that don’t just offer entertainment but are also helping people come together. We have friends from around the world now, connected only because of these games. The world has become a smaller place due to the world of online games.

These games are only possible with stable internet connections. If you don’t have reliable broadband, it will not support any high-intensity gaming. Though satellite internet may seem like a poor choice for gaming, we assure you that it isn’t the case though.

HughesNet is an excellent example of a satellite internet service that allows its customers to play and download online games. You can consult the customer care representative or click here at to find out in detail about your choice of an internet plan. The CS department will guide you according to your requirements.

Gaming with HughesNet Gen5

HughesNet newly upgraded service called the Gen5 allows its user to perform huge gaming updates as well as download other data content. Moreover, some gaming systems also offer video streaming and music options on services like Netflix as well as Hulu.

Because Satellite internet is not as fast as other wired networks, there are certain games that you can play and there are others that require super-fast speeds with low latency. That doesn’t mean that all multiplayer games require high speed or huge data downloads. While there are limitations to what you can easily do on a satellite internet connection, it still allows its users to play many games, stream movies or music, upload and download relevant documents whenever required.

We’re going to highlight some games that you can play online with HughesNet internet successfully. Moreover, we will also see how HughesNet Gen5 is the best internet for online gaming.

Multiplayer online games

There are quite a few games now which are “turn-based”. This simply means that players take their turn while playing the game. You can find these games on social media platforms like Facebook as well. Then there are some strategy games, board games, and MMO’s that are supported by satellite internet. All of these games do not have any special needs or get affected by latency. Moreover, you can also check the gaming manual to see all its specifications regarding speed and data. Some of such games are:

  • Candy Crush: All versions
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Farmville 3
  • Bubble Dragons Saga
  • The Battle for Wesnoth
  • Clash of Clans
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
  • Minecraft
  • Subway Surfers
  • Here Be Dragons
  • Marvel Strike Force
  • Criminal Case
  • Space Hulk: Tactics
  • Trivia Crack

Online games not recommended

When we talk about online games that are not recommended, we are talking about all the satellite internet providers out there. Such games are also called reality games and they require inputs that are fast-paced and an immediate response from the players. These include shooting games, fighting games, party games, action sagas, racing, and sports games, etc.

For the satellite internet to work, a signal has to travel back and forth between your dish antenna and the satellite orbiting the earth in outer space. Because of this great travel, the signal is delayed for almost half a second. This sounds reasonable since the distance is immense and the time delay is inconsequential. However, for a reality game, this delay means serious latency. A lag that cannot be overcome.

HughesNet latency is higher than other wired networks but lower than all its satellite broadband competitors. This makes HughesNet the best satellite internet for gaming as well as for regular internet usage.

Other gaming options

Surfing is perfectly done with HughesNet broadband service. Online games with fewer requirements are also easy to play where latency does not play a huge role. You can also connect gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita, Xbox ONE and 360, Nintendo Switch and 3DS, Wii and WiiU, and other devices like gaming laptops, mobile phones, iPad, tablets, etc.

Many single-player games are supported on HughesNet like the Witcher, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, and more. You will not be able to access the online features of these games. But, you can update and download them quite easily with your HughesNet connection.

Can satellite internet be enhanced for gaming?

Well, not right now really but yes, sometime in the future when we will have Low Earth Orbit satellites roaming around the earth. They will provide a way out of the present high latency rate. The distance will be short so the signals will take less time in traveling back and forth.

If you have subscribed to a lower-end plan, you can use the Bonus Zone that is available with all of the HughesNet internet plans. You get an additional 50 GB of data free of cost. You can download, install and update your games and relevant data during the 2 am to 8 am bonus time. This provides HughesNet with a great advantage over the rest of the satellite internet providers. You will not exceed your service data limit this way. There’s at least one gaming buff in every house in America. They can play games to their heart’s content without worrying ever about the rest of the household going without high-speed internet.

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