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Memes are what makes the world go ‘round, folks. Want your one-way ticket to Hell? Here are black humor memes!

Need a one way ticket to Hell? Laugh at these black humor memes

Memes are what makes the world go ‘round, folks. It’s just a fact in this high-paced, lightning-fast internet world that we all live in. With that in mind, there are different levels of memes. Sure, there are the normal ones. Your usual Spongebobs and whatnot. Everyone knows those memes, they’re harmless. But then you start getting into the ones with the darker humor.

And if you have a dark sense of humor, then you know how quick people can judge you. If you go darker than dark to outright black, then, oh boy, things can get awkward real fast. Never fear, however, you may be going to Hell for your sense of humor, but these memes will at least make you meet that devil in the pale moonlight with an equally devilish grin as well.

And who knows? Maybe the Devil will like your memes and make you like his court jester or something. Better than being tortured by demons! 

1. Vaccinate your kids! 

Dark humor never gets old. Unvaccinated children also never get old. Coincidence? We think not. So don’t let your child be like dark humor, let them get old, you know? And vaccinate them.

2. Rise sun! 

Here’s hoping that sun rises and your friend will get to be happy. The awkward moment when you live in Alaska and the sun really doesn’t rise this time of year. Maybe make sure you know what kind of weirdness goes on in the area you live in! 

3. C’mon demons, do me a solid! 

Possession, sure you got to battle demons. But since the demons are just suspending that person in mid-air, then touch up that paint job, you know? You’re going to Hell anyway. They might as well do this one solid before they start torturing you for all time, you know?

4. It’s the little things

This is the moment where you pop open that car door and tuck and roll out. Then you call the police. But, yes, clean music for that kid’s ears. God knows what else they went through in that trunk.

5. Not touching that one with a five-foot pole

You’re welcome for that ruined childhood classic that you now must deal with! Have a great day.

6. That’s unsanitary, friend. It’s a pandemic.

Wait until after the vaccine gets made before you start getting all 30 Days of Night on the scalpel after surgery. C’mon now. Use your noodle, blood licking surgeon. Duh.

7. Honestly? We want those headphones now, tbh

Like sure a guy got stabbed and that sucks, but this guy didn’t hear anything thanks to his headphones. And it wasn’t like he got stabbed. So, you know, buy those headphones. You don’t have to be a witness to attempted murder or get called out for the Bystander effect too! If you don’t hear it, then you don’t know.

8. Really? It’s on the therapist

Some patients need clearer instructions than others and, really bro, you need to know that. Take this as a learning opportunity. Unless you were one of the ones that she had to write a letter to. Yikes. That’s definitely an awkward situation. Like super mega hella awkward. 

9. And that’s why you don’t exercise ever

If you know that you’re having trouble in your relationship and your partner suggests going on a hike, don’t do it. Fresh air is for dead people and hikes are for those that are never seen again. Especially when their relationship is in the midst of a crisis. And if you do go on one of these things knowing that then it’s your own goshdang fault, friend. F in the chat.

10. That took a turn, not gonna lie

But hey, a story definitely needs spice and nothing makes a spicy meatball like a murder.

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