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Bingo is a very well-known game and is often shown being played in pop culture. Check out some famous bingo scenes from movies and cartoons.

Bingo and cinema: the famous game in movies and cartoons

Do you know the history of bingo? Born around the 1920s in New York, it quickly spread not only in the United States but also in Europe. Even in Italy, the game of bingo is very popular today: many people go to the bingo hall to spend fun moments of leisure, in a company.

Over time, bingo has become so famous that it is also used as a real star in movies and cartoons. Let’s see, therefore, how the iconic bingo intersects with the world of cinema.

Famous movies featuring the game of bingo

Let’s start with one of the children’s films where the bingo game appears: Hotel Transylvania. In this 2012 cartoon, there is a scene in which the protagonists play a very special bingo: the numbers are not contained in the balls but inside small skulls. In the scene, a lady yells “bingo!” but a gremlin, in order not to make her win, devours her folder.

Another film in which the bingo game appears is Rampage: the protagonist, wearing a kind of armor, shows up inside a bingo room where he is not noticed by anyone present. In this case, the focus of the scene is on the fact that those who play bingo cannot be disturbed so much they are concentrated, not even by those who appear dressed in such a strange way as the protagonist!

Finally, we also mention the American TV series Better Call Saul, in which the protagonist Jimmy volunteers to periodically extract bingo numbers inside a retirement home. Here you can see how this game is truly iconic, even in the homes where the elderly stay but also for the youngest.

Online bingo as a function and what you need to know before playing on the net

Online bingo follows the normal rules of the bingo game, but has some peculiarities that the game played in the room does not allow. First of all, the ease of play or the ability to play online bingo games from any tablet and smartphone as well as from a PC. Secondly, thanks to the network it is also possible to take advantage of online bingo bonuses so as to also have a few more free cards to increase your chances of winning. 

On the portals that offer online bingo there are several bingo rooms with different entry buy-ins so as to satisfy all types of players and thanks to the multi-table option it is possible to play in multiple rooms at the same time. 

All these innovations and advantages of online bingo have meant that many have come back to this game also and above all thanks to the game applications that anyone would know how to use by now and so even those who were less familiar with technology have not had problems.

Here’s what you need to deposit and withdraw at an online bingo site. It is sufficient to have even only one method available among those listed below:

A credit card (generally they are of the VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, OR AMERICAN EXPRESS circuit. As long as it is part of one of the circuits mentioned and has a CVV2 code printed on the back, on the front in the case of the American Express). Approval is immediate if there is an available balance and the reference bank accepts transactions for online gaming.

.You can top up your gaming account using the reloadable prepaid credit card. In general, all credit or debit cards are enabled for online purchases, so they allow you to play bingo online.

It’s not over: for the more “savvy” in the world of the Internet, there is another good option to deposit or withdraw from their online bingo gaming account. We are talking about “electronic purses”, the so-called e-wallets.

In fact, the best online bingo halls also have a top-up/withdrawal option on your account with Skrill and Paypal. These e-wallets also handle the passage of money from credit and debit cards associated with the electronic purse. It is possible to match your email registered in the bingo game account with that of access on Skrill or Paypal. 

In two words, Paypal is a simple internet payment system: you register for free by opening a personal account on which you can make or receive payments. By using an electronic wallet such as Paypal the deposited money will be immediately transferred to your gaming account. 

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