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FD News: Billboard gets Roomy; ‘Veronica Mars’ attacks; Vincent dares

O hai, billboard! James Franco’s upcoming (and probable) masterpiece 'The Disaster Artist' is getting a little help in the advertising department.

FD News: Billboard gets Roomy; ‘Veronica Mars’ attacks; Vincent dares

O hai, billboard! Disaster Artist gets some O.G. advertising real estate

James Franco’s upcoming (and probable) masterpiece The Disaster Artist is getting a little help in the advertising department. Portraying the making of bizarre “worst film ever” The Room, The Disaster Artist is coming this December. When the original The Room released, utter puzzle of a man director Tommy Wiseau rented a single billboard, to rake in just $1,600 a week in tickets. Attendees called the number on the billboard and were put directly through to Tommy’s cell to book tickets.

In a show of utter hilarity, The Disaster Artist has rented that same billboard, peppering it with Franco’s take on Wiseau’s face, with Franco apparently manning phone lines himself. It’s a move that shows just how faithful this upcoming comedy feature is going to be in replicating the farce that inspired it. Hahahaha! What a story, Franco!

Veronica Mars miniseries on the horizon, Bell chimes

Kristen Bell, currently delighting everyone in existence on NBC’s The Good Place, reports that a new miniseries of Veronica Mars is on its way back to the little town of Neptune. The original series, which followed a high schooler-turned-college-student who moonlights as a private detective, aired from 2004 to 2007 before crowdfunding a feature film in 2014 on Kickstarter.

The Good Place is currently the best thing on TV, so it’s no surprise to see Bell going back to pick up Veronica Mars, something of a passion project for her. We’re more than hoping this miniseries sees the light of day.

Vincent D’Onofrio to return to Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil, world shivers in fear

The incredible and probably best-part-of-its-first-season Vincent D’Onofrio is to return to the main cast in the third season of Daredevil. The kingpin villain he portrays, Wilson Fisk, laid a little low in prison for the second outing of the series starring Charlie Cox, but now he’s back with a vengeance. Fans speculate the third season will be an adaptation of the gritty and painful “Born Again” storyline seen in the comic books.

D’Onofrio brought a haunting trauma to Fisk never before seen in the character. Alongside this comeback for the kingpin, the third season has been gifted a new showrunner in the form of Erik Oleson (hailing from The Man in the High Castle and Arrow). Seems like a pretty dynamite mix for the superhero show, especially following The Defenders’s shock cliffhanger.

Comcast loses subscribers – but grabs billions

The telecommunications conglomerate controlling the fate of (most) Americans’ internet gave itself a boost of good news. Comcast’s third-quarter earnings managed to rise steadily despite a loss of over 134,000 subscribers, up 5% to $7.18 billion, likely driven by the impressive recruitment of 214,000 people to its high-speed internet plans.

It’s good news most Americans are expanding into high-speed internet speeds, as Netflix ups its 4k offerings and there’s lots of data to squeeze, bitrates to condense, robots to control . . . all that stuff*.

* Ed. note: actually that sounds like compression tech, which reduces demand for higher bandwidth, but point taken.

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