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It’s difficult to go see a movie in a traditional movie theater this year. Here's how to watch movies online on 123movies.

Want to watch ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’? Check out 123movies online

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s difficult to go see a movie in a traditional movie theater. Major releases for many 2020 films were postponed to a later date. This includes films such as Bill & Ted Face the Music. It was supposed to be released in late August but was instead released on VOD (video on demand) on September 1.

Instead of going to see a movie, it seems as though it’s becoming more & more popular to stream one. Although many streaming platforms require payment, there are options for watching films online for free. Yes, that even includes the newer films from this year such as Bill & Ted Face the Music.

One of the most well-known places to stream both older & newer movies is 123movies online.

What is 123Movies? 

123movies launched several years ago. Since then, the platform held a reputation as being a place to stream movies for free online. The original 123movies was shut down in 2018. However, there are clone websites with the same quality content that would be found on the original 123movies online.

For people wondering where & how to watch movies online for free, 123movies would be an ideal place to search. Although the clone sites aren’t the original 123movies, they can offer the same viewing experience.

Those who do decide to stream with 123movies online can choose from a variety of movies across any genre. There are plenty of options for fans of horror, romance, drama, and even sci-fi comedies like Bill & Ted Face the Music.

There’s a lot of movies to choose from when it comes to streaming on 123movies. For those struggling to narrow down what to watch, Bill & Ted Face the Music could be a great start to the streaming journey.

A brief history of Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted Face the Music is the third movie in the Bill & Ted franchise. The first film in the franchise, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, is a 1980s comedy classic. Then came the 1991 sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

In the 2020 film, Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter return to star as Bill & Ted. The two characters have to write a song to bring humanity together before the destruction of time & space.

The film is the conclusion of the Bill & Ted movie franchise. Back in 2010, no one wanted to take on the project. But after ten years, the film was finally released. Although it’s always a joy to see a favorite character on the big screen while seated in a movie theater, the finale to the trilogy still got to be seen through its digital release.

Other offerings from 123movies

Other newer movies to stream on 123movies online include Emma, The Old Guard, The Invisible Man, The Assistant, First Cow, and Da 5 Bloods. There are so many older & newer movies to see.

Using platforms like 123movies online makes streaming and movie-viewing easier, faster, and cheaper. Instead of having to go to a movie theater, you can just sit on the couch at home and use a laptop or phone to watch a film.

It’s also a quicker way to access movies. Gone are the days of commuting all the way to a theater and waiting in line to buy tickets. By using sites like 123movies online, it’s more efficient & less time-consuming to access content.

Without buying tickets or even paying a streaming service, 123movies allows users to watch their favorite films for free. As the pandemic continues and as digital technology advances, more moviegoers are becoming movie-streamers.

It’s unclear when all movie theaters will open or if people will want to go back to them. In the meantime, grab your favorite streaming device, gather your favorite snacks, and start watching movies for free online now!

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