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There are tons of fake glass blunt pipes on the market. Here are some tips on how to properly avoid fake glass blunts.

Beware fake 7pipe twisty glass blunt pipes for sale

Counterfeit or cheaply made glass blunts are a risk and not worth the dangers or quality you would lose by ordering them. Local smoke shops may be selling them not knowing they are not made with safe materials because of their low cost from China, and potential high profit. 

The risk of counterfeit is your health

Buying counterfeit twisty glass blunts leads to trouble and disappointment. The quality standard is unreliable and unsafe when buying a counterfeit twisty glass blunt. Counterfeit manufacturers avoid the strict safety procedures, to be concerned about, that a company like Glass Blunt follows. The counterfeit products contain unknown coatings that may contain harsh chemicals, and the integrity and safety of the materials are a danger.

Glass expands and contracts when exposed to temperature fluctuations; this exposes the weaknesses causing the glass to break down slowly or instantly. Neither situation is good. If it breaks down slowly, there may be glass particles fragments or chemicals such as lead that could be inhaled, causing harm if the materials do not come from a reputable source.

The product may have gone through improper annealing of the glass, if at all, which is an essential heat treatment to alter the physical and sometimes chemical properties that reduce stresses and toughen the material making it safe for all of the lighting up a glass blunt goes through.

These cheap counterfeits can have weaknesses in the glass that crack or explode during use. These defects could result in unknowingly inhaling glass particles or fragments due to defects in the glass that are slowly breaking down, which can cause temporary or permanent health issues.

On the other side of the spectrum, if the weakness cannot handle the pressure put on any weakness, which could result in the product exploding when the defect in the glass cannot handle the expansion from the temperature change when lighting up, resulting in temporary or permanent injuries.

Where to buy the best glass blunt in 2021

The best way to protect against this is by taking a little time to know the company and where they operate. The best Glass Blunt store is located in Canada and has high standards for the glass blunt pipes they sell. Their products are safe to order online through a secure site.

This Glass Blunt store aims to be open and informative about our products. They focus on quality material and thorough inspection of every piece of material that goes into our products to ensure the safety, quality, and longevity of every product that they ship from our company.

They aim to be informative about everything about our product’s quality, getting started using it, the best practices for cleaning and maintaining your product to maximize your enjoyment of glass blunts, and your safety using our product.

Beware buying cheap glass blunt pipes from smoke shops

It’s better to buy a glass blunt from a brand that you can trust, and uses only safe materials. No company is immune to others creating cheap knockoffs or counterfeits. Therefore it’s best to order directly from the glass blunt website, than it is to buy from a local smoke shop, whose best interest might be their profit before their customers’ health. The imposters are quick to use any trick they believe will result in a sale. They disregard the customer’s safety and quality of the products they are pushing.

Not even the company 7pipe, the original twisty glass blunt company, is exempt from this deceitful mimicry. Companies create knockoffs to trick buyers into thinking they are getting a deal when getting a dangerous product that may contain unsafe levels of lead in staggering quantities. They ignore safety standards for the material that makes up their product despite the customer’s safety.

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