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Best Sports Streaming Services In 2021

Was Kylian Mbappe’s penalty shoot spoiled for you because all of your neighbours booed before he even kicked the ball on your screen? Did the delay happen because you were watching the match on cable TV while the rest were streaming live sports?

Do all of the special sporting moments get spoiled, and you don’t get to enjoy your favourite sports anymore? Well, then we have a remedy for you which is easy, effective, cheap, simple, yet of highest quality. 

What Exactly are Sports Streaming Services?

Don’t get confused with the name, we aren’t going to increase your budget with more services under your belt. Sports streaming services are just services that include live sport as part of the streaming package, well that’s how we have listed it below for you, so that you not only get the best sports, but along with that a ton of other channels that will not dent your pocket at all.

Which means that you will get to enjoy any sporting event that is happening anywhere around the world, you get to enjoy it LIVE with the rest of the crowd spectating the sporting event.

What are the Best Sports Streaming Services?

When it comes to sports streaming services, there are a number of options you can avail from. All of them offer unique services and price plans as well. But we have liste only the best one of the lot for you, they are as follows: 

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is one of the top streaming service providers. The base package costs $64.99 per month and includes more than 85 channels for you to enjoy from. You get top sports channels like ESPN, NBA TV, MLB Networks, NFL RedZone with the basic package.

You can stream on 3 devices simultaneously and create up to 6 profiles. Not only this, but you get unlimited cloud DVR storage and parental control options too. The channels stream both college sports and professional sports, so pick whatever you like! 

However, this streaming service is not available outside the USA due to copyrights and content distributions policies. So, in case you are travelling abroad, the only way to access your favorite sports action on YouTube TV is by obtaining a US IP address. This can be done by using proxy tools or VPN. Once you obtain an American IP address, you can unblock YouTube TV anywhere regardless of your location. 


To reflect the rebrand for DIRECTV STREAM, AT&T TV also has different packages for the users to choose from ranging from $69.99 to $139.99. It is the only streaming service currently that streams Fox Regional Sports Networks. 

With the option to stream on more than 20 simultaneous devices and DVR cloud storage, you also get one year free access to HBO Max.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV has one of the biggest entertainment libraries. Starting from $64.99, you get an ad free experience of more than 75 channels. Channels like ESPN+ can be added on demand for a simple addition of $5.99 per month.

The best part about Hulu is that you get up to 6 profiles and access on unlimited devices simultaneously. This comes with up to 200 hours of DVR storage. Hulu streams both regional and professional sports.

Fubo TV 

Fubo TV, originated around soccer the streaming service has grown to an extent that it now offers more than 100 channels for sporting fans of different genres, for just $64.99.

You also get more than 130 events in 4K with DVR cloud storage of almost 250 hours. Which you can stream on 3 devices simultaneously with up to 6 profiles.

Sling TV

Sling TV is an American streaming service, and a very well-known cable TV alternative as well, known for the variety of packages it offers.

Sling Blue: costs $35 per month which sums entertainment, news and sports channels

Sling Orange: is a more sports centered package that includes channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 etc

Bundle package: for people who want the best of both worlds there is a bundle package for $50 per month. You can avail addons on demand too for your existing packages.

How is it better than generic cable TV?

Sports streaming services have many perks over your normal cable TV. For example

  • You get to watch the action as it happens

The most common complaint about cable TV is that the broadcasting is delayed significantly. This hampers the excitement of watching the sport significantly as spoilers reach to you one way or another. Streaming the sport completely eliminates this problem.

  • It is cheaper than your conventional cable TV

Streaming services have become so compatible that this has caused the subscription rates to fall all time lowest. This has made these services way cheaper than cable TV.

This means that you will not be getting the best quality sports streaming, but you will be saving cost too. Now this is truly a win-win situation.

  • Sports streaming is just a small part of the package

With the subscription to these services, you not only get access to live sports streaming but to their vast library of latest movies and TV shows too.

  • You get more number of channels

These streaming services provide you access to more sporting channels (that cover sports all around the world) than your normal cable TV.

  • Sports are not geo-restricted anymore

Which means that even if you are living in Canada and have a subscription of Canadian streaming services you can still watch the seasons of NFL and NBA, live, without any geo-restrictions to content. Similarly you can stream Canadian Ice hockey while being anywhere around the world.

  • Enjoy sports on Multiple devices

With the subscription to these sports streaming services you get the option to enjoy your favourite sport on the device of your choice, be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. It’s up to your convenience.

  • Download and watch again

For instance if you are in your office, or anywhere where you can’t access sports streaming, you can always download your favourite matches to watch later when you get free.

Almost all of these streaming services come with DVR cloud storage where you can easily download your favourite sporting events.

  • Very convenient to use

Previously if you needed to install cable TV, you had to properly install all the wirings and connections. But times have changed. Now you just need a reliable internet connection, a streaming device on which you can watch your show and a streaming app of the streaming service of your choice. And you are good to go.

With the world getting back to normal after covid-19, the sports industry is booming and very rapidly making up for the year lost. So this is the best time for you to switch to sports streaming services and enjoy sports like you have never before.

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