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41 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active)

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have come to a point with your Instagram growth where you don’t really know which direction to take it. You are still making amazing content, and you still have a relatively decent-sized community of people interacting with it every day. 

However, you know that it could be more, and you know that your Instagram profile could be growing at a quicker pace. You’re probably feeling a little bit jaded on it at this point and trying to figure out how on earth you can do as well as some other people are doing out there.

The trouble is, there is no one set way to do well on Instagram. Yes, Instagram has an algorithm that you have to take into account, but there are also other factors to consider. Not only do you have to have your engagement rate on track, but you’ve also got to be making awesome content, and finding the time to interact with your existing community. All of this is extremely time-consuming, so if you aren’t putting a significant amount of your spare time into Instagram growth, this could be why you’re feeling jaded on it. 

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

1. Socialproofco

Do you need an urgent social media boost and need it RIGHT NOW? Look no further because this provider got you covered. SocialProofco never failed us, and for this very reason, it has got itself a respectable place in our ‘speed dial’ list (or in our favorites, for that matter).

SocialProofco finds the perfect balance between high-quality products and cost-effective prices. But, most of all, the cherry on top is the lightning-fast delivery of their services.

2. Growthoid

Growthoid might seem like your run-of-the-mill site where you can buy Instagram followers, but we actually think that if you take the time to discover what they’re all about, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

One of the things that we like is their understanding of the fact that you have competition on Instagram. In fact, if you are relatively successful at this point, then you probably have a lot of competition. 

3. Stormlikes

Stormlikes approach being able to assist their clients in buying Instagram followers in a completely different way, because they focus on the delivery time. There are a lot of people in this industry that have brands online, and when you’ve got a brand online, and you are trying to make a profit, time is definitely money. 

4. Growthsilo

Growthsilo is similar to a lot of the other businesses that we are going to discuss on this list, because they believe in helping their clients with real followers. If you hope to buy Instagram followers, there’s a high chance that you are not just trying to get fake profiles making your profile look good. 

5. Famups

Famups has a really healthy grip on what its clients need when it comes to enabling them to buy Instagram followers, and they say that with their services, it’s only going to take you a few minutes to develop the kind of reputation that you need in the industry that’s going to last your profile for a long time. They throw the word ‘organic’ around a lot, but like a lot of businesses on this list already, we believe that they mean it. They also believe that their social media marketing services are available at a reasonable price, and they have the goal of helping you get long-term results, which is why they have a super high satisfaction rate among their existing clients.

6. Morelikes

Morelikes might have you thinking that they can just help you with Instagram likes, but they can actually help you buy Instagram followers at the same time. Yes, they probably first got famous by offering their clients Instagram likes, but we think that the real quality is found in their followers. As time has gone on, they have realized the merit in developing a robust, solid Instagram engagement rate that incorporates not just your Instagram followers, but your likes and comments as well.

7. UseViral

UseViral has a special place in our hearts, because they have been in this industry for so long, that they have gone through multiple changes. All of these changes have been to update and improve their website, and we think that the latest move that they made about a couple of weeks ago has been their best yet. What we like in particular about their website is that just because they have changed the aesthetics of it, doesn’t mean that they have changed anything about their features.

8. SidesMedia

SidesMedia is one of those businesses that has been quietly working away at their features for a long time, and believes that they definitely can help their clients buy Instagram followers, along with a plethora of other Instagram engagement features. The characteristic to note about this site is that they are super trustworthy, which goes a long way in an industry like this.

9. Social Viral

Social Viral enables its clients to buy Instagram followers from a different angle, promising that their engagement is completely exclusive. You know that exclusive means that you won’t be able to find this kind of engagement anywhere else in the industry, and while this is a tall order, we truly think that they have been able to pull it off.

10. Upleap

Upleap is another site where you can buy Instagram followers that has recently had a revamp of its interface, and as a result we think that it is super user-friendly and adaptable to what Instagram is doing these days. They know that security is an important feature for most of their clients, which is why they say that you can get started with them just using your Instagram username.

11. Kicksta

Kicksta could be considered a veteran in this industry, simply because they have been trying to help their clients buy Instagram followers for years now, and all this time they have been working on updating and improving their features. Despite the fact that they are always working on new technology and software to help their clients, they still stick to the old adage, which is guaranteeing that they don’t develop their features using fake engagement, or bots. Kicksta only focuses on using organic growth, because they know that organic growth is going to be better for your Instagram page in the long run. In fact, we don’t suggest that you go with any company out there that is prepared to take shortcuts like this.

12. Stellation Media

Stellation Media – what isn’t to love about this company? If you have been trying to grow your Insta for a while, then you’ve probably heard of these guys at some point, because they’re so well established in the industry. They talk about how they are able to help their clients buy Insta followers, as well as build real follower growth and engagement. They are also the kind of company that allows their clients to get hands on, so if you are someone who isn’t feeling comfortable with the idea of relinquishing control, you should definitely go for these guys.

13. Kenji

Kenji makes a point of not only using the latest technology and software to help their clients buy Instagram followers, but they also make a point to remain completely undetectable. The trouble with outsourcing your Instagram followers to a third party that is associated with Instagram is that a lot of them go beyond Instagram’s daily limits when it comes to engagement. As soon as they do, Insta will put a red flag on your account, and they will start to track what you are doing, to see if you are violating their terms and conditions on a consistent basis. This is why sites like this are helpful, because they are fully aware of Instagram’s limits, and work every day to make sure that they stick to them. The best part? All you need is your email address to get started with these guys.

14. Social Monk

Social Monk enjoys taking it up a notch or two for its clients when it comes to being able to buy Instagram followers, and one of the first things that you will see if you go to check out their website is that they can actually assign you a personal Instagram manager. There isn’t a lot that is personable about the Instagram growth industry these days, which is why it is so nice and refreshing to discover companies like this. They say that being able to talk directly to a personal Instagram manager about what your goals are for your Insta profile is a lot better than using a bot, and it also means that your growth gets done completely manually. They also want to remind their clients that you can terminate your subscription with them at any point, and considering you get to consult just one team member directly, we think that their pricing is reasonable.

15. Nitreo

Nitreo is a relatively simple approach to being able to buy Instagram followers, but we don’t see anything wrong with this. In fact, considering how many companies out there are trying to overcomplicate things, we think that it is refreshing to come across companies like this that just want to keep things simple and effective. We love that you can sign up for them just using your email address, and it is just going to take two minutes. With your email address, you can get real results, and everything about their growth is organic. This way, you can cultivate a content strategy for Insta that is going to last for a long time. The bottom line is, companies like Nitreo just want you to be able to get the most out of your Instagram, so as far as we are concerned, they are worth every cent that you will spend on them.

16. Ampya

Ampya is another veteran of the social media growth industry, and aside from being able to help you buy Instagram followers, can also help you on other platforms. They understand that a lot of their companies have businesses and companies with websites on the Internet, and when they are linking up social media to their websites, they are probably looking for help with multiple platforms at the same time. This is why they can help you not only with Insta, but with SoundCloud and Spotify, and they even help you if you have a Facebook business page. This is a fast-moving company that can help you with solid results.

17. Thunderclap

Thunderclap has a disclaimer on their site that you’ll see as soon as you visit their homepage, which states that they have the best real Instagram growth service to help you get more of the right traffic. They certainly can help you buy Instagram followers, but they can also help you find a solution that suits you best. We like these kinds of companies that are flexible and willing to work with the individual, and not just see their clients as a number. This is why they have also implemented a chat box that you can use to send a message either before you have signed up, or after. The bottom line is, how you work with these guys is completely up to you.

18. Follower Packages

Follower Packages is the type of business that can help you buy Instagram followers that has a good understanding that everybody falls within a certain industry or niche. If you want to win on Instagram, you’ve got to get specific with your theme and your niche, so if you aren’t trying to achieve this, you are going to quickly fall behind. These guys understand perhaps better than anyone that there are musicians, artists, and even bloggers on Insta, trying to get ahead. This is why they have tailored their features to accommodate these specific industries and have a way of being able to adjust their features for custom campaigns.

19. Media Mister

The next site on our list needs almost no introduction, because they are easily one of the most well-known options out there. Media Mister has been enabling their clients to buy Instagram followers for years at this point, and one could argue that they are as old as Insta itself. As a result, they have a really good idea of what your Instagram profile needs and will stop at nothing to make sure that you achieve this. We also absolutely love that they have a tiered pricing system, which makes it super easy for you to slide the bar across and decide how much you are going to spend on your engagement, based on what your current budget looks like.

20. Followersup

If you liked what you read about Media Mister, then chances are you’re going to like hearing about Followersup. This site is another veteran of the industry and has a good grip on what its clients need in terms of enabling them to buy Instagram followers. They also have a tiered pricing system, because they know that their clients come to them with all different kinds of budgets, and most of the time, don’t have hundreds to spend on their Instagram growth. They don’t want to have their margins so big that you are losing out when it all comes down to it, because they want to be able to stay in business and help you for a long time.

21. Famoid

Famoid is super realistic about what its clients want when it comes to being able to buy Instagram followers, but at the same time they don’t think that there is any harm in reaching for the stars. They know that a lot of people aren’t going to end up becoming famous on Instagram, but there’s absolutely no harm in trying. This is why they wake up and work hard every day to ensure that their features give you the best chance of becoming famous, and they believe that when you make the most of their services, you are at least not going to have a hard time trying to achieve it. Just like a lot of other businesses that we have discussed already, these guys can help you not only with Instagram, but with YouTube and Facebook as well.

22. Instamama

Instamama is all about the exclusivity of enabling their clients to buy Instagram followers. They know that it’s not enough anymore to just choose a couple of features, pay for them, and then wait for them to be delivered to your Instagram site. You’ve got to find something that is original and exclusive enough that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere else. This is what they believe they can offer their clients and another thing that they promise is that they avoid ghost accounts at all costs. If you combine these two characteristics, you are going to get the kind of credibility for your profile that you so desperately need.

23. Goldstar Social

Companies like Goldstar Social want to enable their clients to buy followers, and take their Insta page all the way. They don’t want to just settle for average, or an okay-looking Insta page, they want you to get to the top of that Instagram ladder, and be known by everyone in your industry. This is why they can of course help you not only with your Instagram followers, but with your likes and views as well, and they have put them into different categories, so that you get to choose what you grow at this point. While you are putting in your details once you have chosen a package, they will be customizing that package for you, so that they can ultimately boost your account with unique characteristics.

24. Task Ant

These guys take it a step further when enabling you to purchase followers for your page. They know that your engagement rate is all well and good, but there’s something you’re missing when it comes to Instagram growth. You are missing the importance of hashtags. Not only do you have to have a solid content strategy, but you’ve also got to have a solid hashtag strategy. These guys help you get more followers by working out the best hashtags for your videos and images based on your industry and niche, so that you can be attracting the right audience for your Insta feed, and not worrying about whether they actually are going to interact with it or not. The bottom line is, if you haven’t got your hashtag strategy sorted out, then you are missing out on a serious opportunity to do really well.

25. Krootez

Krootez is passionate about helping their clients buy followers, but also conquering social media in general. They believe that they offer their clients exclusive assistance that you are not going to be able to find anywhere else, and they also say that they provide their clients with intelligent solutions for natural and fast improvement on their pages. We love that they offer their clients a super generous refill time, meaning that you can get more engagement for any engagement that might have fallen off within a month of receiving it. Some other companies out there only offer a referral period seven days, or a couple of weeks, so we think that this is one of the most generous options out there.

26. Jarvee

We love Jarvee because they are super well-known among people in the Insta growth industry, and have been helping their clients buy Instagram followers for so long, that we think that like a couple of other companies on this list, they have been around as long as Instagram has. Their standout feature comes in the form of a dashboard, that you can download to your desktop, and then access straight away. This way, you can not only keep track of what they are doing for you, but you can also adjust their features accordingly, based on what your content needs right now.

27. Grablikes

The next site on our list is Grablikes. Grablikes is similar to Morelikes that we discussed way back in the beginning because they have advanced technology, that they will use to discover when you have uploaded a new image or video to your Instagram feed. As soon as they have done this, they will send you the appropriate amount of Instagram followers, and you will end up doing really well in terms of the credibility of your page. Honestly, if you are someone who is all about convenience when it comes to your Insta profile, you definitely don’t want to pass up an opportunity like this.

28. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost is honestly as personable as it gets when it comes to enabling its clients to buy Instagram followers. This is because they are all about the connection, and they spend a lot of time in the beginning connecting with each and every one of their clients, before just sending them their engagement. This is because they plan on having their clients around for a long time and want them to be able to achieve their Instagram growth goals, no matter what they look like. This is one of the reasons why they have also included a number of ways for you to get in touch with them, and when looking at their pricing, we think that they are competitive with some of the best in the industry.

29. Venium

Venium is a pretty standard site that can enable you to buy Instagram followers, with a little bit of a twist. They know that most of their clients have brands, that they first started growing on a website. Now that they have shifted to Instagram, this website is still important, and their presence on search engines in general is really important. This is why they promise that they can help to improve your ranking on Google search, and they believe that they have the software and technology to help you build your business in general. Additionally, they say that they can tap into their team of web partners to help you promote your content on multiple apps and sites.

30. FriendlyLikes

The next site on our list is FriendlyLikes. These guys know pretty much everything there is to know about enabling their clients to buy Instagram followers that are the real deal, and they believe that they’ve got the metrics you need to increase your rate of engagement and increase the number of followers that are not only visiting your profile but sticking around. We love that they don’t just display their features on their home page, and leave the rest up to you, they have a compelling argument on their website for why you should be using them and based on the fact that they have a long list of existing clients, we believe that they’re worth spending your money on.

31. CheapIGFollowers

This site might look a little on the cheap side of things, so we actually recommend them for clients that are hoping to buy Instagram followers for almost next to nothing. There’s a good chance that you’ve got almost nothing in your social media marketing budget right now, and you need to be able to rely on sites like this that maintain the quality of their features, even if they are charging really low prices. They say that they provide their clients with exclusive social signals that are effective either if you are an aspiring influencer, or you’ve got your business on your Instagram page. We love that they have a disclaimer on their website that promises that what they do is legal, and they can even help you choose between natural or instant delivery.

32. Buy IG Likes Fast

Buy IG Likes Fast, as far as we are concerned, is pretty self-explanatory, but despite this, we think that they have the quality that you are looking for in terms of being able to buy Instagram followers. Naturally, they can help you with your views and likes at the same time, and they say that they offer different packages for improving the rankings of their client’s posts on Insta. Not only do you choose what engagement you would like help with right now, but you choose how much engagement you would like, and then you fill in the details. It’s only going to take a couple of days for them to send you your order.

33. Socials Growth

Socials Growth is a great choice for being able to increase your Instagram engagement in general, so if you are thinking bigger picture, and want to incorporate every aspect of your engagement rate right now, these guys are going to be well-suited. They say that they ultimately want to help their clients increase their popularity on Instagram, and organically grow their profiles. Like so many other companies on this list, you first choose your package, then enter all the relevant data, and sit back and watch as they grow your Insta profile for you. One of the services that we find most impressive is that they have a lifetime retention warranty.

34. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is going to be one of those sites where you can buy Instagram followers that might put you off at first, because they have a lot going on. They are another business that has been doing their thing for a long time, and while they might have started out on Instagram, they have since expanded to be able to cover virtually every social media network you can think of out there. For brands that plan on growing really quickly, and not having to spend too much time getting their hands dirty with their social media growth, this is ideal, but we suggest that you take the time to get to know them, because they can easily be confusing. Just remember that you can choose to just get help with your Instagram followers right now if this is all that you are comfortable with.

35. Blastup

Blastup is a real simple and real approach to enabling its clients to buy Instagram followers, and they actually believe that they are the best place to help you buy your engagement rate in general. They promise that you will notice the difference, and they also say that you can purchase Instagram followers from just $4.19. We think that this is ideal if you’re someone who again doesn’t have a lot of time on your side and needs to be able to find a way that can help you quickly and efficiently. They say that there are three simple steps to using their features, and they even offer their clients a free trial in the beginning, so that you can get to know how they work before you register for anything.

36. Audience Gain

Audience Gain is another best site to buy Instagram followers from that might have you a little bit confused in the beginning, because you will notice on their website that they have a lot of information about how to grow your YouTube channel. This is because they first started with YouTube and have a good understanding of what you might need if you want to do really well with it. However, they can of course help you with Instagram at the same time, and we think being able to grow both simultaneously is to your advantage. The best part with these guys is that they are simple to use, which when it all comes down to it is going to make all the difference when it comes to being able to bring on the characteristics that you need, without there being a steep learning curve in the beginning.

37. Active IG

Active IG is going to make it incredibly easy for you to buy Instagram followers and they claim to be the number one place for all of your engagement needs. In fact, they say that they take pride in being able to deliver real quality Instagram marketing features to their clients. One thing that we like about this business is that they are constantly working on their features, and always updating them, so that you get new and improved versions all the time. If you want to start out with just 100 Instagram followers, this is going to cost you $2.99, and you only need to share your username to receive them. They promise that they are active and high quality and come with customer satisfaction as well as privacy protection. Additionally, you can talk to their customer support team, if there are any bumps in the road with your delivery.

38. Build My Plays

Build My Plays is dedicated and committed to helping its clients grow their social channels to the next level, and say they can help you kickstart your Insta, Spotify, and YouTube. They ultimately want to help you increase your credibility and your channel’s presence on the Internet, making them a top-rated social media marketing company. They talk about the customer as an individual and say that each and every one of their clients can receive 100% high-quality features that will be delivered to them within 24 hours. A retention and money back guarantee is applied on all of their packages and their customer support is available whenever you need it. We love the amount of customer feedback on their website, which shows how dedicated they are to their craft.

39. Social Followers

Social Followers is a little bit like some of the other growth companies that we have talked about in this article that can help you buy Instagram followers, because they talk about being exclusive. They know that if you want to do really well on Instagram, you want to find something that you aren’t really going to be able to find anywhere else, and they believe that they have what it takes for you to do phenomenally well. They talk about being the only service in the world that provides their clients with engagement from real people, and they say that if you are still hesitant about what they offer, you can check out their free trial. They provide their clients with a money-back guarantee, as well as personalized consulting, so that you can customize their features to suit your personal needs.

40. Trollishly

Trollishly wants to take everything a step further than other companies, and help you make the best of your experience. They know that a lot of sites out there aren’t focused primarily on making sure that their customers have a good experience, so they want to change this. Naturally, they talk about how they can help you with 100% high-quality social media services, and they say that through their authentic and genuine features, they want to help you boost your online presence. We love that a lot of what they do is centered around the quality of their features, as well as the expertise of their customer support team. They can help you not only with Insta, but with Facebook, and TikTok, and they have a long list of testimonials on their home page, that you can go through to get a really good idea of who they are, and how they have helped people so far.

41. Instapple

Instapple has similar priorities to other businesses on this list, including being able to deliver your engagement within just a couple of minutes. They say that once you have put your order in the queue, they will start to process it within 60 to 120 minutes, and as they do this, you’ll be able to see your followers increasing. They also reassure their clients that just because their delivery is quick, doesn’t mean that they compromise on the quality of their features. In fact, the satisfaction of their customers is their top priority, and they also have a free trial, so that you don’t have to jump into anything that you don’t know enough about. Lastly, they say that each and every one of their features is natural and safe, so your profile isn’t going to get into any trouble if you choose to sign up with these guys.

Final Thoughts

The thing about Insta these days is that it can be a difficult nut to crack. One day, you think you’ve got it, and then you realize that you don’t. What might have worked with the Instagram algorithm last week, isn’t working anymore. You used to have the time and energy to decipher this yourself, but you’re realizing as time goes on that you actually need to bring an expert in who can help you keep up.

Thank goodness for the social media marketing industry and thank goodness for sites like the ones that we have talked about in this article. The one thing to remember with companies like this is that there are lots out there that you also want to avoid, because they don’t want you to succeed. In fact, they just want to make a quick profit, and they don’t really care about the future of your Instagram account.

It’s tough to know which companies are worth your money and your time, and which ones aren’t. This is why we do our research, so that you can review only the best, and feel confident that you are working with companies who really care about the welfare of your Instagram page. This way, you can come up with a robust, reliable content strategy that is going to serve its purpose for a long time to come. Good luck with everything!

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