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Education is crucial. Here's a breakdown of the 10 best educational systems in the world during 2021.

10 best educational systems of the world in 2021

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 presented a list of the top higher educational institutions around the world due to 13 performance indicators. All of these institutions offer the best opportunities and learning experiences for their students. Here, you can find the best universities, which are at the top of this list.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the US)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known as one of the best in the top 5 rank of global universities. It is known to be the university that graduated 77 Nobel Prize winners, making the university name speak for itself. The university is also proud of the best academic intake compared to any other educational institution in the world. 

MIT is one of the top elite US universities, but it doesn’t mean that it admits only the richest or most privileged students. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is about the best students and graduates, no matter what financial situation they have.

The University of Oxford (the UK)

The University of Oxford is in the top positions in the most coveted university league tables globally for several reasons, including the international outlook, research, and teaching techniques. Also, this university has a long history starting from 1096. 

The University of Oxford offers its students the best graduate prospects, teaching and courses (approximately 250) of the top high quality, and student support in almost any sphere. Finally, Oxford city is known for having 27% of students from its total population.

Stanford University (the US)

Stanford University is one of the top-ranked world’s universities known for being the best teaching and research institution. Although the students should study a lot, they have an active social life, and Stanford doesn’t forbid their students to have fun when they are out of the lessons. 

Undoubtedly, in any university in the world, including Stanford, students are overloaded with writing tasks and grades. So, if you need any assistance with your assignment, a professional writer service can help you to cope with it.  

Harvard University (the US)

It is interesting to mention that Harvard University is one of the world’s best educational institutions in almost all fields. Harvard offers its students thousands of opportunities, along with the best libraries, equipment, and infrastructure. 

Also, the latest technologies are involved in the studying process, which attracts many students to enter this university. Students also have a chance to be mentored by eminent scholars, which is a great opportunity to start a research career. All these open hundreds of roads for the graduates and definitely make Harvard be the best of the best.  

Princeton University (the US)

Princeton is one of the oldest universities in the United States with its own traditions and specificities. The university provides education for graduate and undergraduate students in different fields, involving engineering, humanities, arts, and sciences. 

Princeton University also offers a financial aid program aimed to ensure that every adept student can afford to study at this university. So, almost any talented student has a chance to get an amazing scholarship at Princeton University. Hence, Princeton is the university of opportunities opened for every skilled student. 

The University of Cambridge (the UK)

The University of Cambridge, situated in the UK, refers to the top 10 best universities in the world. This place is known to be one of the most diversified universities in the world. The matter is that thousands of people from different corners of the world come to Cambridge to study or start a career. 

It is truly a place when you can meet unique and interesting people. Besides, a Cambridge degree has a great value in the labor market, so the students from this university have exciting career opportunities. Annual career events conducted by Cambridge also helps the graduates to start the career of the dream. 

The University of California, Berkeley (the US)

UC Berkeley is famous for its impressive student body, which unites diverse, highly-motivated, and creative people with brilliant opportunities. 

Thus, the University of California, Berkeley is in the top 10 universities in the USA for many decades thanks to world-class facilities, best teaching talent, best professors and lecturers, and a challenging and rewarding atmosphere, which is important for graduating the best professionals in any sphere. 

Finally, the students of Berkley are proud of the campus with a huge central library and a view of the magnificent Golden Gate bridge. 

Columbia University (the US)

One of the most known facts about Columbia University is the political involvement of its students. The campus is a home of several known movements and protests, which attracted the attention of the politicians. Besides, Columbia University refers to the Ivy League school that makes the university prestigious and desirable for the applicants. 

The students also mention that living in New York City is one more plus of studying at Columbia University. Thus, the atmosphere of the busy city motivates the students and makes them competitive. 

University of Chicago (the US)

UChicago is one of the world’s most influential educational institutions. The vast opportunities for research, comprehensive career programs, and extraordinary learning experience — all these make the University of Chicago one of the best higher education institutions around the globe. 

One more important specificity is the institutional communities of the University of Chicago, such as departments, centers, college houses, and student organizations. All of these communities work hard to provide the best learning experiences for the students. As a result, UChicago graduates are known as famous scientists and scholarly educators, medical professionals, political leaders, and community leaders. 

Johns Hopkins University (the US)

Johns Hopkins University offers a wide range of opportunities for its graduates and undergraduates in different spheres, including arts and sciences, business, education, music, public health, as well as medicine and nursing. There is also financial support for students to conduct researchers, which is a good chance for future Nobel Prizes. 

Furthermore, the university provides opportunities for investigations in the field of security and space-related research. Hence, Johns Hopkins University is an educational institution with diverse opportunities and learning experiences.

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