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PEMF mats are an incredibly popular means of exercising. Here are some tips on how to nab affordable PEMF devices in 2021.

4 Most Affordable PEMF Devices of 2021

With mounting piles of evidence supporting the use of PEMF therapy and numerous companies providing PEMF therapy machines, many consumers are on the hunt for the PEMF therapy machine that offers the most value. To make the process easier, we’ve gathered three of the most popular and respected PEMF therapy machines, evaluated their components, price points, and company practices, and determined which of the three is the best machine to suit a variety of needs.

To provide a robust picture of the best machine currently on the market, we have evaluated each machine individually, then provided an explanation of each of the components we have discussed. Read on to determine which of the 3 machines we’ve reviewed stands out as the victor.

Sentient Element PEMF Machines:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has been used since the 1960s. Today there are over twenty thousand reviews and studies showing how beneficial it is.

With the Earth Field Collapse, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, in a nutshell, Replicates and Amplifies the earth’s natural magnetic field and its natural frequencies.

The SENTIENT ELEMENT is one of the most powerful,best and affordable PEMF devices on the market allowing you to choose from long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high-intensity sessions. Our Dual coil system is the most advanced PEMF devices in today’s market.

Sentient Element was born after 30 years of research in Boeing, National Semiconductor, Intel and Microsoft. Our Mission is to make PEMF therapy effective, affordable and convenient for you.

Prices range from $4200 to $4550. Discount coupons available up to $300. Sentient Element comes with a life-time warranty and 100% money back guarantee.

One of the best PEMF devices in the market. Highly recommended.

HealthyLine Platinum PEMF Mats

HealthyLine Platinum PEMF mats are relative newcomers to the market, when compared to the likes of Bemer, but have an established and well-performing series of devices. HealthyLine is known for their patented multi-therapy mats that combine multiple natural therapies. The 5 therapy mats combine PEMF with FIR (or Far Infrared Heat), hot stone, photon light, and negative ion therapies to deliver a truly incredible natural experience that deeply soothes the body and imparts a wealth of healing energy on users.

HealthyLine mats are among the more affordable mats currently on the market. With models starting as low as $500 and peaking at $2500 for the most customizable and jam-packed model, HealthyLine Platinum mats are undoubtedly among the most affordable mats currently offered for home PEMF therapy use. You can also lower the final price by 10% and get free shipping by using the following coupons – “pemfs10”, “plat10s”.

All things considered, we think HealthyLine Platinum mats are the best PEMF devices currently available on the market. 

The Bemer Mats

One of the oldest PEMF therapy companies currently in existence, the Bemer company provides a small handful of PEMF therapy options, each of them centered around circulatory needs. Bemer’s machines are highly branded, with each individual component bearing its own Bemer brand moniker. From the B.Pad to the B.Spot and controller, Bemer’s products are designed to maximize the effect of Bemer’s long standing history.

Finally, Bemer machines are among the more expensive PEMF offerings. Machines start at $4,500, and extend up from there, depending on the exact accessories preferred and the number of applicators selected. Each machine comes with a 30-day guarantee and a 3 year warranty. The 30-day guarantee gives you your money back, minus shipping and a 10% restocking fee, while the 3-year warranty covers defective machines.

If you would like to learn more about Bemer mat, you can read this extensive Bemer mat review by PEMF Advisor.

MagnaWave PEMF Machines

MagnaWave machines are among the largest PEMF therapy machines currently available on the market, with the largest education effort provided by PEMF therapy companies. MagnaWave is branded as a family company, in large part because the company is run by a husband and wife team, and their daughter (among other employees). The company is operated out of Kentucky, on what amounts to a large compound, where people who have purchased machines can attend workshops and other classes to learn how to administer PEMF therapy.

Finally, MagnaWave machines are among the most expensive PEMF therapy machines currently on the market. With a range as wide as $6,000, up to $25,000, MagnaWave is by no means an affordable or inexpensive option. Because they are quite a substantial investment, MagnaWave machines do come along with a hefty warranty: 3 years unlimited and 7 years limited. Although MagnaWave does not offer a money-back guarantee, the company does offer a rental program to help potential customers determine whether or not they would like to purchase a device. 

If you would like to learn more about MagnaWave products, you can read this in-depth MagnaWave review by PEMF Reviewer

A Brief History of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy machines have been the focus of this review, so let us take a few moments to explain precisely what that means and why it is important. PEMF therapy is a form of energy therapy that utilizes pulses of electromagnetic energy taken from a pure copper coil and administered to the body via an applicator.

The origin of this therapy began with Nikola Tesla’s discovery of the electromagnetic field. He and his peers continued working with electromagnetic energy, along with scientists and medical professionals, eventually leading to the creation of less advanced forms of PEMF therapy in the early 1900s. in the 1960s, the PEMF therapy machines we have come to know were developed and began to see success in personal and clinical use, with a substantial boost in popularity following a NASA study conducted during this time frame. 

The Components of PEMF

All PEMF therapy machines have their basic components in common. Although they are all designed to be used with pure copper coils, there are four valuable aspects of PEMF therapy machines that will determine how useful and effective a device actually is. These components include waveform, intensity, frequency, and available applicators. 


The waveform of a PEMF therapy machine is the shape each individual pulse of electromagnetic energy takes on as it enters and subsequently leaves the body. Although there are a practically limitless number of waveforms PEMF machines can create, there are three common ones seen in PEMF therapy machines: the sine, saw tooth, and square waveforms.


The intensity of a machine describes the power or strength of a machine. Intensity is measured in Gauss or microTesla, with measurements that range from low intensity to high intensity. Low intensity machines are those that do not exceed 1,000 Gauss, while high intensity machines can reach Gauss of 10,000 or more. Intensity is usually associated with condition severity: chronic conditions are often associated with low intensity machines, while acute or targeted conditions are usually treated using higher intensities.


The frequency of a machine describes the number of times a machine delivers pulses to the body in a given second. Frequency is measured in Hertz, and is also divided into high and low frequencies. The frequency of a machine is often determined by the frequencies found in nature, and most low-frequency machines stay under 50-100 Hz.


Home PEMF therapy machines have long been associated with mats, in part because they offer a simple, easy, passive way to receive the benefits of PEMF therapy. Apart from mats, however, there are numerous pathways to actually deliver pulses of electromagnetic energy. These pathways include mats, wands, circular nodes, pads, and even wrap-around applicators that can be worn while moving.

Additional Components

Some PEMF therapy machines are designed with additional components like complementary therapies. Far infrared, negative ion therapy, and crystal therapy are the most common complementary therapies provided by PEMF therapy mats, but there may be others. Additional components are not common, but they can provide a powerful “boost” in the strength of PEMF therapy efforts, and can provide supplementary therapies that compound the abilities of PEMF therapy. 


Now that we have gone over the finer points of PEMF therapy machines and we’ve identified the top PEMF therapy machine contenders, the time has come to identify which of the top contenders has earned the title of “best PEMF machine”. Although all three of the aforementioned companies are important in their own right, The HealthyLine Platinum line of PEMF therapy machines continually comes out on top.

With numerous therapy types, plenty of customization options, and a highly affordable price point, HealthyLine mats continually rise in the ranks of PEMF machines, and prove themselves a powerful form of therapy. Whether you are new to PEMF, or you have a long history of using alternative therapy methods to support your health or target your ailments, HealthyLine is sure to have a model for you.

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