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Belle Delphine didn't disappear after her bath water stunt. Now, people are outraged by one of her latest tweets. Here's why.

Belle Delphine needs to disappear: See her latest controversy right here

Belle Delphine rose to fame on the internet for her cutesy brand, but she also engages her fans with pornographic content. She became known to people outside of her own fans when she sold a novelty product called “gamer girl bathwater”, which was bottled water that Delphine had used in her own bathtub.

The YouTuber is making a splash again, but this time for a very different reason – Delphine posted some images to Twitter that many believed crossed a line. Here’s what you need to know about the situation.

Content warning: This article mentions kidnapping, rape, and pedophilia.

Cause of outrage

Yesterday, on January 12, Belle Delphine posted some new images to her Twitter. In the first two images of her photoset, she’s tied up with her mouth taped shut in the backseat of a car. The third picture shows her in the trunk, legs splayed, and without underwear. A small censored part was edited over the top for Twitter’s “sensitive media policy”.

The fourth & final image shows Delphine pushed up against a tree while being penetrated anally by a masked man. This image has no censoring.

Delphine captioned her photoset “My perfect first date <3”. Many became upset that she was fetishizing rape & kidnapping. Many also believed her choice of outfit – a  short light blue babydoll dress with flowers, calf-high lace stockings, and mary jane shoes – seemed childlike, and therefore also making the images seem pedophilic.

Why people are upset

The biggest outrage came from people who felt the images were irresponsible. Many thought the way the post was made felt like normalizing rape and kidnapping. One Twitter user argued that it lacked any mention of “safe words, long discussions, and therapy” that are required before engaging in BDSM or roleplay of non-consent.

Those who believe there’s nothing wrong with the post argued that the angered parties were kinkshaming, sex negative, and/or being condescending toward Delphine’s fans for assuming her fans don’t know what’s acceptable (and isn’t) in the BDSM community.

Side argument

Others were mostly just upset that these images were on Twitter in a place where anyone could happen upon them without so much as a trigger warning. However, Delphine does have a content warning on her entire account, and users must accept the warning before seeing anything she posts on her page. Even after accepting her page’s warning, all her Tweets with images have their own individual warnings.

If you don’t receive any type of censorship or warnings, then it’s possible your Twitter settings may have the box checked for “Display media that may contain sensitive content”. If you’d like to change this go to your account settings, then “privacy and safety”, then “content you see”. The option to turn off (or on) sensitive media should be listed at the top.

Now, why Delphine would post these images to Twitter instead of her OnlyFans page – the place where people pay her for this kind of content – is unknown.

Belle Delphine responds

Delphine took to Twitter in the early morning hours on January 13. She posted a screenshot of her notes app (alongside a selfie showing her exposed breasts) and the statement is lengthy. However, she begins with “there is nothing wrong with enjoying power-play and BDSM where both people are consensual”. She later states, “No one likes rape, no one wants rape to exist.”

“I post a lot of sexual stuff to my twitter, because it’s for my Onlyfans, people who are sensitive to kinks and sexual content shouldn’t be following me, I’ve made it very clear that I’m posting hard-core porn.”

Twitter guidelines

Under most circumstances, the types of imagery Belle Delphine posts to Twitter would be a violation of their sensitive media policy. Both “adult content” and “media depicting sexual violence and/or assault” are not allowed.

However, Twitter provides some amount of grace to people who have marked their entire account as sensitive – just as Delphine has. Because Belle Delphine has put her content behind a warning she’s allowed to post as much sensitive content as she wants.

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