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Missing the full barber shop experience? Take a look at how you can create the full barber shop experience at home with professional products.

Get the Barber Shop Experience at Home

Nothing is quite like getting a shave at the barbershop. It is such a relaxing experience and you feel and look great afterward. It is a great experience to treat yourself to.

However, you can’t always get an appointment or make it to the barber when you need to shave, so many times you have to shave at home. This is just not as enjoyable. It is quite often a chore that we only do out of necessity. 

Do you know that you can up your shaving game and give yourself the same experience you receive from the barber at home? 

What You Need to Improve Your Shaving Routine

All right to start, you know your barber does not take a cheap disposable safety razor out to shave your face. You need to throw all those away right now and never buy another one.

Next, he has also never once grabbed an electric razor and used it to give you a shave. So if that is what you have, leave it in the drawer. 

He does however use a straight razor. This is by far the best product to use for shaving. Make sure you either sharpen or change your blade regularly to keep it working at its best.

You will need to invest in a towel warmer. You know that is the best way to start and end your shave. A workaround for this is to just take your towel and run warm water over it before you immediately apply it to your face. Make sure to ring out the excess water.

Then you will want to purchase a heating shaving cream dispenser from LTHR. This will take your experience to the next level. The sleek design looks great on your counter and it comes with a shaving cream pod that keeps you from making a mess trying to fill it.

The shaving cream that comes with the LTHR shaving cream dispenser is very moisturizing and great for your skin. It is all-natural and contains aloe vera and coconut oil.

Shave Like a Professional

Now that you have all the products and tools you are ready to recreate the experience of a professional shave at home. Go ahead and turn on your heating shaving cream dispenser so it can get your shaving cream to the selected temperature.

Next, you will need your warm towel. You want to take it and lay it where it covers all of your face including your eyes. Leave your mouth and nose uncovered so you can easily breathe. If you have a beard make sure it is covered as well. Now relax and enjoy the warmth. Once the towel cools remove it and set it to the side. 

Now it is time to use the shaving cream dispenser. The shaving cream should be warm and feel soothing as you put it on your face. Let it sit for a moment so the warmth has time to soften your hairs and open your pores. This will allow you to achieve a smoother shave.

Now you will take your straight razor and shave. This will take practice to master and you will get a nick or two. Be patient once you master it you will love the results. It allows for a very precise shave.

Next, take the towel you had to the side and wipe your face clean. Now apply a moisturizer and take a little time and treat yourself to a facial massage. This is great for your sinuses and to get the blood flowing in your face.

In conclusion, you now have all the info you need to treat yourself to the barbershop experience at home. Remember to take your time while learning to use your straight razor and that moisturizer is your best friend. You will now look forward to shaving!

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