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Moving can be a draining activity. Here are some of the best apps you can use to help you with your move in 2021.

10 Best Apps to Help with Your Move in 2021

If you’re conducting a house move, then congratulations! A house move can be one of the most awesome things you could do – be it by yourself, with your loved ones, or even your family. After all, moving into a new home and a new neighborhood can help you open new chapters in your life. These may come in the form of new jobs and opportunities, between schooling for kids, or even being a better neighborhood in general. However, once you look at the things you need to pull off your move, you might feel stressed with the many things you need to manage – and you might not have the time and resources to pull this off.

Thing is, you don’t necessarily need to give up on your move because of these mild setbacks. In fact, if you’re looking at your smartphone for some handy tips to help you with your move, you might be surprised that your smartphone – alongside some apps – can help you with exactly your moving woes. Here are some trust apps you should use:

  • Google Keep (Android, iOS, Free): If you want an extremely straightforward organizational app for your move, then perhaps Google Keep is the best option. Hailed as one of the most comprehensive organizational apps out there, Google Keep not only enables you to create flexible lists. Thanks to its capacity to get stored in the cloud, anyone involved in the house move – roommates and family members – can modify various lists and synchronize edits at the same time. This means you can separate moving tasks easily and everyone updates the same app. 
  • Nextdoor (Android, iOS, Free): If you’d like to get to know your new neighborhood more intimately even before you move into your new home, you might want to download Nextdoor. Thanks to this free app, users have a means to connect privately with neighbors. It’s like a mini newsletter and social media platform that lets neighbors update each other on local news – especially useful when planning community events or looking for various recommendations.
  • Home Inventory (iOS, Free): Home Inventory is a straightforward documentation app perfectly suited for your inventory needs. This handy app can help you document the items you have in the household as well as note relevant information such as weight and space occupied – two of the most integral measurements when it comes to moving costs, especially from house movers. 
  • Sortly (Android, iOS, Freemium): If you want a better way of organizing items in your inventory, Sortly might just be the tool for you. This freemium organization app not only lets you list down things you own, but it also adds a visual element to it. You can now organize your database of home items into a searchable inventory – complete with pictures, notes, and other relevant product information. Sortly even features a moving checklist, just to make sure you have everything you need for your move covered and accounted for.
  • Letgo (Android, iOS, Free): If you’ve just worked through your inventory and discovered a lot of items you want to sell, you might want to install Letgo on your phone. Unlike other buy and sell services that let you go through an excruciating sign-up process, Letgo allows you to quickly unload some of your inventory and mark it for sale. Moreover, the Letgo community is composed of people also looking into second-hand items, meaning you’ll likely have easy access to potential buyers. 

  • OfferUp (Android, iOS, Free): Homeowners looking for a place to sell unwanted items before they move can actually download OfferUp. This simple and reliable buy-and-sell platform allows users to easily sell their items with just some easy steps. They simply just capture a photo, add a bit of description and price point, and wait for someone to reach them. Users who are nervous about transactions can check transaction histories, badges, and ratings of sellers just to make sure they’re dealing with someone trustworthy.
  • MagicPlan (Android, iOS, starts at USD 2.99): If you want a first glimpse of how your items might fit in your new home, MagicPlan is the app to make it work. Thanks to this handy app, you can actually “scan” any room and transform it into a floor plan. Afterwards, you can add various items into this floor plan to ensure that you’re quite sure when it comes to allocating space for the items you want to bring to your new home.
  • Moved (iOS, Free): If you’re looking for a moving concierge and assistant like from that will help aid you with your overall house move, then perhaps Moved is the best app for you. After answering a few questions, the app connects you to a moving assistant – an actual person who can help you handle much of your moving needs.
  • MoveAdvisor (Android, iOS, Free): If you’re looking for a more comprehensive moving app, you might want to try MoveAdvisor. This handy app not only allows you to make a moving timeline, but also comes with features such as a home inventory organizer, a move calculator, and even a means to find a White Glove VIP moving services and in other areas. This all-in-one app can help you get the most comprehensive look into your house move. 
  • Thumbtack (Android, iOS, Multiple options): If you’re looking for specific teams to help you with some moving tasks, then perhaps Thumbtack is the right app for you. This app can help connect you with certified and reliable professionals suited to handle specific tasks – which is perfect if you’re in need of help with specific moving stuff such as storage, transportation, and even interior design. 

Moving Apps: Make Your Move Easier To Manage

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that your house move isn’t necessarily something you need to do manually. In fact, with the right digital apps and tools in mind, you may just spare enough time and resources to be able to pull off your move properly and without much worries.

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