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Israeli model Anne Zivi proved even a nontraditional model can succeed in the fashion industry. Here are her tips for aspiring models.

How Anne Zivi got into modelling – and her tips for aspiring models

The modeling world is one that many admire, but that is also seen as being difficult to navigate. This is both in terms of the perfection that is expected of models, but also in the numerous criticism often launched at those in the industry. 

Israeli Anne Zivi, however, has not let that stop her from achieving her dream and she relishes her position as a model and influencer with more than 283k followers. 

This position allows her the chance to inspire others to love themselves and be proud of their minds and bodies, as well as affording her the opportunity to confront prominent issues in society. The primary problem that she seeks to minimise is cyberbullying and her platform allows her to be the change that she wishes to see in the world. 

Anne’s journey into the modeling industry

Anne decided that she wanted to prove that even as someone who isn’t tall and doesn’t have the traditional model body, she is still able to have a successful career in the modelling industry. 

As an influencer, she is well-aware of her ability to promote her own beliefs and values. She believes that it is her duty to use this ability to affect positive change – especially in relation to cyberbullying. This is a cause that is very close to her heart and she believes that it is necessary to dedicate time and energy to eradicating the problem. 

As someone who has her whole life on display, she is well-acquainted with the effect of nasty comments and realizes that this type of bullying is especially harmful to teenagers who are in the midst of discovering who they are. 

Despite this, she has found a pace for herself in the modeling industry and it has led her to some exciting experiences. She has participated in two seasons of the Amazing Race Israel and she is an “Israel Bidur” host on YouTube. She has also hosted shows on Channel 13, been a presenter of clothing brands such as 69Slam, Sloggi, and Twenty Six, and she’s been a part of many exciting TV shows such as Yes Kids and The Box

Her exciting journey in the industry has also led her to owning her own jewelry brand called Fantasy Jewelry which has become very popular amongst celebrities. 

These are Anne’s tips to aspiring models


According to Anne “It’s important to have a healthy daily routine. Apart from exercising regularly and eating well, it’s important to take care of yourself emotionally as well. Although a healthy body is very important in the modelling world, a healthy mind is what will really help you be successful.” 

In order to stay at the top of her game and take care of herself, Anne takes classes for acting on camera. As well as eating well and exercising, she shares her daily routine on Instagram so that she can encourage others to do the same. 


“You have to be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. A perfect body isn’t key to a successful modelling career – rather how you feel in that body. That confidence and pride in who you are is what will shine on camera, but also in-person.” she says. 

Be who you are 

Anne says that “There are many different types of models and you should be able to find a group that aligns with your interests. Even though modeling involves acting, you should never forget that you have value exactly as you are. 

When it comes to this, you have to know that sometimes the modeling industry can be difficult. It takes a lot of guts to succeed – but if you stay true to what drew you to the industry in the first place, you’ll be able to overcome it.” 

Know what’s trending

“In order to stay relevant, it’s important that you know what trends are popular and what trends are sure to follow. If you can do this then you’re well on your way to becoming successful.” she says.

What lies ahead for Anne? 

Her experience on the Amazing Race Israel has really stayed with her, and because of it she and her partner from the show, Yarden, will be making a show about traveling once the COVID travel restrictions are lifted to a suitable extent. 

They’ll be traveling all over the world and give recommendations on numerous locations. They’ll give advice on places which are great for cultural experiences, brilliant food, and an awesome nightlife. 

One example is Jerusalem in Israel. She notes that the city has numerous historical places which are must-sees for all travelers, especially as it represents three religions. In Tel Aviv there are amazing beaches and the food is great, as well as a brilliant nightlife that shouldn’t be missed.

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