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Anmol Singh has become an expert in trading and investing. Better yet, he wants to teach you how to become good at what he does too.

A Jack of All Trades: Anmol Singh’s Rise to Millions Before 30

The Trading and Investing Industry, if done right, can be one of the most rewarding professions to be in, but it takes hard work, dedication, and an unwavering mindset. Many have fallen by the wayside in the world of investing and stock markets, getting lost in the tickers without any coherent strategy, Anmol Singh is a perfect example of how this is not the case, and how trading can work with the right strategy and training.

Let’s take a look at who the man is behind this trade, who has not only become a millionaire before the age of thirty, but a trusted consultant and educator for others who want to pave their way to the top of the trading business.

The man behind the trade

Anmol Singh, born in Delhi, India in 1992, started trading in the stock market during his college years. Like many others he didn’t succeed at first, but after almost a year he found a new way of trading by learning a new pattern that enabled him to become rapidly successful.  He witnessed many traders who wanted to build a successful career from investing in the stock market, who failed countless times, and after work for a proprietary firm he decided to help.


Voted as the #1 Trading Education Firm for three years in a row, LiveTraders, started in 2015, has become a training resource for aspiring and experienced traders. Singh, along with his business partner, Jared Wesley, launched LiveTraders with the sole aim to educate others. 

The goal is to take learners on a journey by teaching them the necessary tools of the trade, this starts with learning how the stock market works and gaining an understanding of it, how to take calculated risks starting with smaller amounts of capital and then larger sums in order to build students’ portfolio value, and how to then build a business from it; many students have moved on building their own businesses, managing to live a life of financial freedom. 

Having coached over 1000 investors and traders, and being witness to his students succeeding and earning profits on a consistent basis, Singh’s passion to help others constantly grows.He is especially proud of helping others with LiveTrader’s Legacy Scholarship program, which assists aspiring students who can’t afford full training, this also lays the foundation to open more opportunities for others who want to start in the trading industry where previously it would not have been possible.

Beyond the Numbers

Trading psychology 

The trading business can lead to high levels of anxiety, especially when it comes to working with millions, if not billions of dollars, and beyond just the numbers Singh has become an expert in Trading Psychology. He has coached thousands of traders on the behavioural and psychological challenges that arise when working the trading industry. 

Prepping for success

Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life is Singh’s latest published book, however he moves beyond just trading and business; this book aims to be inspirational for anyone who wishes to improve their life, and take action on plans and goals, additionally, Singh wanted this book to be a guide that he wish he had when he was younger.

Giving Back

Besides Singh’s love to help others combat poverty and find financial freedom in life, he gives back to communities through fundraisers and charities; Feeding America is a fundraiser by Singh, and funds were raised through his LiveTrader online training program, all payments were donated to the fundraiser. Singh is also involved in entrepreneurial ventures and owns an auto repair centre franchise. 

Singh is still active with his LiveTraders and his online educational platform, he also continues to participate in the trading and the stock market. Singh’s advice for anyone who wants to be successful in life is to ‘take the time needed to excel in one’s chosen profession. Implement and course correct along the way, and surround yourself with others who have already been where you desire to go’.

The man behind the trade is definitely a man of many passions, to not only better himself, but also those around him.

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