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FD news: Screen Junkies drops; Amazon Studios fights; Blade Runner strolls

Film Daily’s industry debrief: David E. Kelley fights with Amazon Studios and Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner 2049' fails to meet expectations at the box office.

FD news: Screen Junkies drops; Amazon Studios fights; Blade Runner strolls

Another day, another rape allegation: Screen Junkies drops alleged abuser Andy Signore

Over the weekend it broke that Honest Trailers founder Andy Signore had been accused of sexual assault by a number of women. Signore is well known online for his e-eviscerations, attracting more than a billion views since 2012.

It’s been a bad year for abusers and a better year for victims in the film community, with high-profile sexual assault allegations coming out in recent months regarding CineFamily, Harry Knowles, Devin Faraci, Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein. On the firing, Screen Junkies HR stated, “In August, DEFY’s HR team was made aware of allegations made against Andy, at which time an investigation was launched. On Friday, new information became available and the scope and magnitude of his inappropriate actions became apparent.”

David E. Kelley calls Amazon Studios “a bit of a gong show”

Kelly (Big Little Lies) created Amazon’s Goliath but bailed after S1 due to that old excuse: “creative differences”. Last week he went on the record with the WSJ: “I’m a huge fan of the company overall, but their entertainment division is a bit of a gong show. They are in way over their heads.” Amazon’s VP of Global Communications Craig Berman was quick to fire back with a statement to The Hollywood Reporter with a comatose statement too boring for us to print.

Blade Runner 2049 strolls into the weekend box office race

Despite great reviews and the rabid attention of genre fans, Blade Runner 2049 failed to go the mile at the box office this weekend. Opening at 4,058 North American sites over the weekend, the sequel only managed a lame $31.5 million in sales, compared to the $50 million figure pundits were predicting. What a surprise Hollywood got it wrong again.

We have a few notes regarding this opening weekend fail: 1)The original Blade Runner was a box office bomb and subsequent cult hit, a favorite of men of a certain age. Thing is, the Blade Runner target audience is largely tech-savvy alpha geeks who love them some Netflix ‘n’ chill. Why leave the house and pay money when you can torrent for free? 2) Millennial women love Ryan Gosling, but they don’t like sci-fi. Millennial men don’t really care for Ryan Gosling too much and are too busy up in da club/being tech entrepreneurs or first-time parents to go to the movies. 3) There is nothing in this movie’s premise to appeal to Gen Y, and they have probably never even been to the movies in the first place. Our tip for the next big Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster? Make it available on VOD. The cinema experience is dead – just accept it and move on. [Ed. note: Ouch! We’ll see about that . . . .]

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