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The Best Web: ‘Amazing Stories’ in trouble; ‘A Fantastic Woman’ seeing double

Director Sebastián Lelio and actress Daniela Vega have revealed how 'A Fantastic Woman', a nominee for Best Foreign Language at this year's Oscars, was an equally "strong emotional journey" for them both during production.

The Best Web: ‘Amazing Stories’ in trouble; ‘A Fantastic Woman’ seeing double

On Tuesday, Nicole Eggert filed a police report against her former Charles in Charge co-star Scott Baio. “Eggert and I met with two police detectives from the sexual assault unit”, her attorney Lisa Bloom confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. There are no further comments on the allegations yet – stay tuned with FD for more on this to come.  

Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther has continued its success streak, having outpaced all previous Marvel films released during the first quarter in terms of advanced ticket sales, according to market leader Fandango. From the groundbreaking to the record-breaking, it looks like Disney’s onto a winner with this one.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Sebastián Lelio and actress Daniela Vega discuss their “strong emotional journey” in A Fantastic Woman. The pic, being hailed as “trans cinema’s breakthrough moment“, is among the nominees for Best Foreign Language film at this year’s Oscars.

It looks like Apple’s Amazing Stories anthology is already running into trouble, as both Hart Hanson and Bryan Fuller have exited the project amid creative differences. The split is said to be “amicable”, leaving the show searching for a new showrunner. They’d better think quick!

Roman Polanski’s rape victim Samantha Geimer has slammed Quentin Tarantino, having said: “I know what happened.” It comes after a video resurfaced earlier this week, in which the Pulp Fiction director claimed she was “down to party”.

Kazuhiro Tsuji, one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists, has opened up about his experience working with Jim Carrey on the set of The Grinch. His verdict? Never again, it would seem. Head on over to IndieWire to find out why that might be.

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