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Let's take a look at some of Disney Channel’s most iconic series as well as a remembrance for Aaliyah, the Queen of Urban Pop.

Remembering Aaliyah? Watch these shows on the Disney Channel

Can you think of anything more nostalgic than the time when you used to watch Disney Channel? Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s so Raven, Shake it Up, and an endless list of titles that accompanied us through our early adolescence. Other figures like Aaliyah come to our minds, not only with a nostalgic feeling but a sad one, the death of a legend never stops being painful. 

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was an American singer & actress that died at age 22 during a plane crash. She’s credited with helping to redefine contemporary R&B, pop, as well as hip hop, definitely a musical contribution to history. For this reason, Aaliyah has been given the nicknames of the “Princess of R&B” and the “Queen of Urban Pop.”

Although Disney+ holds the most exclusive and recent box office releases, the truth is numerous people hire the service due to its Disney Channel’s content. After COVID-19 everything screams flow 2000, hopefully, the tin eyebrows and anorexic aesthetics won’t be as trendy this time. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of Disney Channel’s most iconic series as well as a remembrance for Aaliyah, the Queen of Urban Pop. 

Let’s remember Aaliyah

Aaliyah was born in Brooklyn but raised in Detroit, like many artists, she gained recognition from a young age. She was only ten years old when she appeared on the TV show Star Search and performed in concert with Gladys Knight. By age twelve, Aaliyah had already signed to Jive Records and Blackground Records owned by her uncle Barry Hankerson. She would definitely be one of our favorite nepo babies. 

Hankerson introduced her to R. Kelly, who became her mentor, as well as the primary songwriter and producer for her debut album. In case you don’t know or somehow forgot, Aaliyah, married R. Kelly who is currently submerged in several allegations regarding twisted sexual assault and emotional abuse situations. Nonetheless,  the album sold three million copies in the U.S 

After allegations of her obviously illegal marriage to Kelly, Aaliyah ended her contract with Jive and signed with Atlantic Records. Aaliyah also worked with record producers like Timbaland & Missy Elliott. In 2000, Aaliyah appeared in her first film, Romeo Must Die, where she also contributed to the film’s soundtrack, recording the single “Try Again”.

The song topped the Billboard Hot 100, and in 2001 she released her third and final self-titled studio album in 2001, which topped the Billboard 200. On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah died with nine other people in a plane crash in the Bahamas, shortly after takeoff. It was later discovered that the pilot had traces of cocaine & alcohol in her body, and she was not qualified to fly the plane designated for the flight. 

In 2014, a biographical television film of hers has released Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B was directed by Bradley Walsh. The movie is based on Aaliyah’s biography Aaliyah: More than a Woman by Christopher John Farley. Impressing, two men capitalize on a woman’s traumatic life history. As you can tell it was strongly criticized. Let’s better take a look at other content to watch on Disney Channel. 

What to watch on Disney Channel 

If after remembering Aaliyah you want to take a look at some Disney Channel shows of that epoch, here are some recommendations to watch on DIsney+. Our very first title is Lizzie Mcguire (2001-2004) which shows the daily life of a very special adolescent played by Hilary Duff. In the second place we have That’s so Raven (2003-2007), and finally, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody  (2005-2008).

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