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8 Workable Tips to Upgrade Your Facebook Page’s SEO

Facebook has lived up to its name, becoming the most used social media network for commercial purposes and providing stellar opportunities for brands to do business and build a strong image.

On the other end of the spectrum, running a successful business on Facebook has never been that challenging. The competition on Facebook is savage, and companies put enormous effort into standing out, attracting new leads, and boosting their conversion rates Razor Blade 15 2018 h2.

So how to win such a competition, you may ask? Companies utilize various strategies, from using tools like a facebook post generator to delving into SEO. The latter is one of the fundamental ways to surpass your rivals in this rat race, as it pushes your page to the top and makes it visible to significantly more people. Below you will find a set of practical and straightforward tips to boost your page’s SEO.

Complete the Page Info section

The first thing you want to cover is to provide complete company information. People now spend a great deal of time trying to learn the brand’s nuts and bolts, and that’s not for no reason. Given the number of companies available on the market, customers look for brands that attune to their interests and preferences.

Besides, many brands are money-driven, and they usually neglect to describe their ins and outs. You, in turn, need to show clients that they are above all else, so make sure to fill out the following components on Facebook:

  • Niche
  • Username and brand name
  • Address, business hours, location
  • Company overview and description

Completing this stack will also positively influence Facebook algorithms, proving that you’re a full-fledged brand, not a dummy corporation.

Pimp up cover and profile photos

Visuals play a huge role in brand recognition! By choosing the right color palette, you can speed up people’s decision-making process and ensure that they start to follow your page and share it with others (which is an excellent sign for SEO). Plus, a cover photo complements a profile photo and vice versa.

As one out of myriad inventive scenarios, you are highly encouraged to include your brand icon in the profile while adding a context to the cover photo, thus allowing people to envision how they can use your product. That is, assume you sell a branded beverage. In that case, surrounding the drink with food and snacks will only have a better effect. Just ensure such images are high resolution and depict the brand’s qualities.

Claim Facebook Vanity URL

Claiming a Facebook Vanity URL is crucial if you strive to make your brand easily searchable on the web. A vanity URL is a username that follows and represents your brand. You want everything to be branded appropriately, including your link, and customizing it is a five-finger exercise. You will be able to set a custom URL on the Page’s About tab once you get 25 likes.

Benefit from keywords

For many, SEO means doing keyword analysis and scattering such words around the page. While true–SEO highly relies on keywords–you should be cautious with their number, as getting keyword stuffing will have a reversed effect and throw your page at the end of SEO ranking. Try including keywords in various sections, such as your brand’s name, About tab, description, URL, image and captions, headlines, text-based content, etc. More importantly, approach this task strategically and ensure to insert keywords in natural places.

Don’t forget about backlinks

Backlinks are another element that needs to be naturally placed within the content. Links leading to other web pages will enhance your brand’s SEO score and improve its visibility on the web. Even if SEO algorithms didn’t take into account backlinks, using them is vital to establish a good rapport with readers, as such links prove you’re competent and complete research before rolling out posts. You are encouraged to apply two types of backlinks: those that lead to your website and those that direct to authoritative pages, like academic sources or credible news agencies.

Accentuate content

Search engine optimization has undergone tremendous changes. In the past, the structure and keywords were the most critical. Now, however, it’s the content that matters the most. You may include the most effective long-tail phrases, but you are doomed to fail if the content is weak. Hence the recommendation: invest enough time in planning and generating content to secure a competitive SEO ranking.

Encourage people to take action

CTA is an efficient way to drive traffic organically and boost SEO. It’s best to include calls to action in every post. Fortunately, multiple options to make CTA unique exist. Try using different verbs, including negative constructions, like “don’t miss the chance to,” “wait no longer and subscribe,” etc.

Don’t leave Messenger aside

Adding Messenger to upgrade your Facebook page’s SEO might seem like going the extra mile. But believe it or not, it’s worth the effort. Staying in touch is vitally important if you want your brand to thrive, and Messenger serves as a bridge between you and clients. Using AI chatbots will help you optimize customer relations and perfect their experience, which will result in strengthened SEO.


There you have it. Honing your Facebook page’s SEO is manageable if you approach this quest thoughtfully. Every tiny aspect is pivotal to the ranking, so consider polishing them all to end up on top of the search engine list. Use these tips to get a head start on your rivals today!

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