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As a student, you may be looking for some cheap and cheerful meals to make on a budget. Take a look at 5 ideas for cheap meals you can make.

5 cheap and cheerful student meals

The kitchen is the heartbeat in any home, and the same remains true at your student accommodation. It’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room – either chatting with flatmates, making yourself a brew or cooking cheap – yet substantial – meals.

But if you’re no master in the kitchen, or you don’t have a huge budget to work with (let’s face it, not many students do!), you can’t live off Pot Noodles or tinned soup…

Here we look at 5 meals that are both easy to prepare and friendly on students’ pockets:

1. Jacket potatoes

Quick and super easy, jacket potato for lunch is sure to tide you over at least until your evening meal. But more importantly, it is one of the cheapest student meals that can be livened up with a choice of delicious fillings (i.e. beans and/or cheese, coronation chicken, tuna and sweetcorn, chili, etc.). All you need to do is wash and prick the spud several times with a sharp knife on all sides, ping in the microwave for approximately 4 minutes and split the potato in half before spooning over your topping.

2. Pasta bake

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked pasta dish, is there? Something like a lasagne, tuna pasta bake or macaroni cheese. 

The best thing about these dishes is that you can purchase all the ingredients you need from the local supermarket (including those all-important condiments which give it flavour) for next to nothing. And you usually end up with leftovers, which means you have tomorrow’s lunch sorted or you can share it with your flatmates!

3. Omelette

Whether it be just cheese or cheese and mushroom or ham, omelettes are undoubtedly one of the easiest cheap meals to make at your student accommodation – and they give you much-needed protein. 

If you’re conscious that there are eggs in the fridge that need using up, why not bung them in a pan and make a delicious omelette? Omelettes are a great way to prevent ingredients from going to waste and will take you no more than 40 minutes to prepare and cook. 

4. Homemade pizza

What student doesn’t enjoy tucking into a pizza? Whilst you could grab your phone and call for a takeaway or order via the app, why not make your own? 

Yes, it means you’ll have to pop to the shop and stock up on tomato puree and toppings of your choice, not to mention flour, semolina, salt, yeast and olive oil – but you could always cheat by getting ready rolled pizza bases. Either way, you won’t spend anywhere near as much dough (pardon the pun) as you would if you ordered a takeout.

5. Fajitas 

After a hectic day doing uni work, you’re bound to be starving and in desperate need of some tasty grub. Perhaps a fajita night could be on the cards? Both fun and easy to make, you can gather around the kitchen table and enjoy some tasty food with good company. 

Usually, all you need is tortillas, a couple of chicken breasts, onion and pepper, a little bit of chili, some spices, and voila! What’s more, making fajitas won’t leave you out of pocket and – if you’re sharing them with others – you could always split the bill on ingredients.

So, what are you waiting for?

With a couple of cheap student meal ideas up your sleeve, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking up a treat at your student digs. And if you’re looking for student accommodation in Liverpool, which has access to well-equipped kitchen facilities and communal areas where you can prepare your meals and stow ingredients, then why not contact Caro Lettings today? 

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