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123 Movies is the equivalent of that all-you-can-eat for a perfectly affordable price buffet. Here are the best movies to watch for free online.

Check out all the best 123 Movies free content to watch online

123 Movies is the equivalent of that all-you-can-eat for a perfectly affordable price buffet. Although this platform doesn’t have a monetary cost, you need to face the fact that all free streaming platforms might show ads or a superslot, sometimes after each click. However, you won’t pay a single dollar to enjoy a good film, especially in 123Movies, which holds an unbelievably extensive film catalog. 

From the latest releases in cinema like Avatar & Bones & All and the classic chick flicks like Mean Girls. 123 Movies has films for all audiences. Maybe if you’re looking for extremely rare European movies from film festivals you won’t precisely find them there, but if you’re reading this that might not be the case. At Film Daily, we’re big fans of free streaming and this platform is definitely one of our favorites. 

Seriously, online streaming is getting harder each time since new platforms with exclusive content are popping up each day. The truth is that getting to pay for all those great platforms is a luxury not all can afford, which excludes several from accessing a good film. This is the reason why the existence of platforms like this one is so important and we’ve made you a top three movie recommendation to stream at 123movies. 

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (2022)

Don’t you feel like suddenly it all became about multiverses? We mean, even superhero movies like Doctor Strange talk about the fact that several realities are happening at the same time. Is it that we’re having a collective spiritual awakening? Anyway, the current movie to talk about this is Everything, Everywhere All at Once (2022) directed by Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert.

The universe is so much bigger than you realize, this is the main message this movie leads us to. Trying to explain this film´s storyline would get us into a lot of trouble, it is definitely you must live it by yourself to understand its experience. Nevertheless,  a general synopsis would be that a woman gets involved in a crazy adventure, where she alone can save the world by exploring the universe and her past lives.

You may think this movie is as crazy as it actually is, but some of those senseless thoughts will definitely start popping into your head after watching it. Definitely, this movie was one of the 2022 jewels and our A24 favorite production. If you’re tripping on these topics or even confronting them personally, we widely recommend keeping watching content on this very topic.

nope online free

Nope (2022)

We should admit this entire top three is quite fantastic & conspirators, even a little scary. Yet, the world we live in definitely goes further than all this fiction but we’re not ready for this conversation. Anyway, Nope (2022) directed by Jordan Pelee tells the story of a lonely town in California where strange things begin to happen. Strange things as random objects start falling from the sky.  

The interesting thing about this is that these events occur right after the death of the main character’s father, yet this family isn’t the only affected one. Ranch-owning siblings OJ as well as Emerald Haywood attempt to videotape the facts as UFO evidence, but will they get to? At Film Daily, we’re great at recommending movies and showing you where to stream them but giving spoilers is not our style.

This is definitely a movie almost anyone could watch, it’s entertaining, but it can also get as deep as your analysis capacity allows you. So if you’re having trouble picking a movie all of your friends can enjoy equally, Nope is definitely a great option unless your partner dislikes science fiction. If that’s the case, we highly recommend you take a look at the entire catalog of the platform, you’ll surely find something.  

Bones and All (2022)   

Guadagnino is great at telling romantic stories based on Italy’s countryside, please know now that gore isn’t his genre but he did try. Bones and All is Guadagnino’s latest movie starring Timothee Chalamet & Taylor Russell and unlike anything he’s done before, this movie talks about cannibals. But don’t worry, there will also be love & tenderness.

Emergent terror in cinema is definitely a post-pandemic effect and we should watch those films from that understanding. Although this movie has been criticized as tepid for a gore film and even boring to some audiences, it does have several salvageable things.  We mean, it’s Luca Guadagnino, so beautiful nature shots as well as delightful well photographed scenes won’t be missing. 

The truth is that the movie it’s entertaining for a traditional public, so if you’re a terror amateur and want to kill time watching a movie, Bones and All is a fresh option. Also, this movie has several interesting messages to analyze regarding alterity, although they weren’t precisely managed in the best way. Anyway, if you are Timothy’s fan, well, you’ll watch him on screen for more than two hours. 

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