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Now Entertainment is a hip hop record label headed by Tony M. Learn more about the label and its roster of talent.

The story of Now Entertainment: From humble beginnings to huge success

Notwithstanding its latest success in the hip-hop and multimedia industry, the Now Entertainment brand began from an extremely humble beginning. The idea to form this company emerged from Tony M Fountain and Max Trenton Taylor Henderson as the founding members. They had already conceptualized the company’s structure at an early age of 12 while in school.

The two founding members went ahead to forge the company’s name later in life when they were employed and working as cleaners. They borrowed the acronym for “never work again” to reflect Fountain and Henderson’s aspirations in life never again to do dead-end jobs as adults.

Nurturing Young Talent

The company’s growth is broadly based on values like self-development in art and man’s spiritual life. The company’s name was coined under a realization of the need to live life in the present. The company is located in Georgia and has gradually expanded in the last nine years to house an independent record label, magazine, blog, and live application.

At the start, Now Entertainment solely focused on supporting and developing signed acts but has grown to provide opportunities to a selection of unsigned local acts. Now Entertainment launched the company’s magazine in January, and videos for the forthcoming Amazon channel are currently underway.

Strong Independence

The founding pair had already set up their recording and film studio way before they began other business lines like the blog and Google News. The founding duo also aims to work with like-minded individuals who share in their attitude of strong independence.

The company has cultivated a personal touch with the community by getting involved in fundraisers for cancer charities. The inclination to join in the fight against cancer was driven by Fountain’s grandfather and grandmother’s death to cancer. Fountain’s grandfather had died on Christmas day when he was just twelve, while his grandmother would three years later succumb to breast cancer.

Cancer had also robbed Fountain of his mentor. Partly, it was these traumatic experiences that shaped Now Entertainment’s drive to succeed.

Flexible Support to Artists

Now Entertainment’s passion for providing unparalleled flexibility and comfort and allowing artists to express themselves and develop their talents to peak levels sets the company apart from other major labels.

Now Entertainment has been committed to providing the power and freedom to support the growth of creative talent that is lacking elsewhere. Without a doubt, many working-class young artists without big budgets have found homely support at Now Entertainment.

Now Entertainment Stance on Police Brutality

Fountain has collaborated with businesspeople and influencers such as Christian Vind (head of the blog and Google News) to create several projects dedicated to spread awareness and fight against police brutality and the legal issues that go with them. For instance, one project that includes the sequel to 2018’s 478 Gang Vol. 1. Volume 2 is set to be released later in 2020 to honor a victim of police brutality, Antonio May.

Antonio May died in Fulton County Jail after being beaten for water and had previously founded a hip-hop group together with Henderson. This new mixtape project aims to raise awareness of incidences of police brutality and poverty-related crimes.

In his previous job working as a prison guard, Henderson has had first hand interaction with inmates and understands far too well the extent of police brutality and people’s struggles with poverty. In simple words, he summarizes his experience: “police brutality is getting out of hand”, and “anyone of us can get locked up”.

Spreading Awareness

Over the last decades, reports of police brutality have dominated news headlines. A majority of police brutality causes are reported in the media: inadequate police force training and a bias against the African-Americans. They have been attacked and have disproportionately lost more lives in the hands of law enforcement officers.

The Black Lives Matter campaign has shed more of the world’s attention to this vice though the problem has not ended. Cases of the shooting have been shielded by the “stand-your-ground” laws, which allow police officers (and people in general) to use deadly force if they consider someone (including themselves) to be in danger. However, many people believe that in several circumstances, these laws have been used as excuses to kill people.

An Important Platform

Now Entertainment has sustained and expanded engagement and activity on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. Some of the services given to upcoming artists by the media company include recording, distribution, SEO, photography, video production, web design, SMM, PR, and others. The progress is quite impressive for a company that began on a shoestring budget in a small town in Georgia.

Now Entertainment provides an alternative to “cookie cutter rappers and formulated music” and has worked to support acts like Shotgun Shane and Nino Brown. The company’s commitment and passion for helping the growth and development of talent from humble backgrounds lack opportunities and investment options.

When harnessed well, poverty can drive creative careers. Also, poverty can muffle vital, pioneering, and distinctive voices and hinder career growth and development, a problem Now Entertainment is keen to solve. Despite America’s economic prosperity, over 46 million people are currently living in poverty.

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