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Kids Guitar Lessons: How to Teach a Kid Guitar

Planning to teach your kids guitar? That’s a pretty good idea. This is more than just a fun activity or hobby. This practice would help you develop the left side of your brain. However, teaching kids guitar would be a struggle, even if you know it “really” well.

It has been observed, kids normally do not appreciate the idea of learning guitar. Their interest can, however, be developed by making the guitar lesson fun. If you are planning to take the responsibility of teaching your kids guitar, here is how you have to teach them.

  • Make it fun 
  • Try involving more kids in this practice
  • Go slow 
  • Encourage them to make notes
  • Pick up their favorite songs to start with 
  • Reward their efforts 

Make it fun 

To teach guitar, it’s important to know that the kids would only take an interest and try to learn guitar if it’s not boring. Guitar lessons are usually boring unless you are interested in learning the instrument. There are some high chances they would be boring for your kids. Therefore, you have to make these practices fun. Now the question is how can you make these lessons fun? Well, there are many ways, playing games is one way of making guitar class fun.

Try involving more kids in this practice 

It is observed that kids learn and do things better in groups. Furthermore, group learning is way more fun than private lessons. Therefore, involving more kids in this activity would bring fruitful results. Invite your kid’s closest friends and cousins for this activity. It would develop your kid’s interest and they would make more effort in learning the skill. 

Go slow 

Music has its “own” language. Time is required to get to know and learn a new language. Therefore, do not rush, instead, go slow. Learning guitar for kids is way more difficult than for adults. Be patient and give these little humans some time. It’s okay if they only learn the basics in a month or two. The slower you would go, the less intimidating the classes would be.

Encourage them to make notes

Kids are more forgetful than adults. You have to encourage them to make notes. It would be hard to encourage them to make notes, however, it’s worth it. Insist them on making the notes colorful, it is because they would not remain boring to look at in future. Isn’t it so?

Pick up their favorite songs to start with 

Always listen to your kids while teaching them guitar. Encourage them to show their favorite playlist and ask them to pick up a song to learn the guitar on. 

Reward their efforts

One more thing that can truly help you in teaching your kids guitar is rewarding the effort. This practice would boost their confidence and interest in learning the guitar. The reward can be a clap, a lollipop, later bedtime, an extra electronic time, a trip to the park, a movie night etc.

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