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Its21Master is an Asian rap artist who is changing the game. Learn more about him and his varied artistry here.

Its21Master is revolutionizing Singaporean music

Asian rap artist, Its21Master, is causing ripples in Singapore’s rap scene. His style, which blurs the lines between rap and other music genres, is changing the face of Singaporean rap and hip hop as we know it. 

Its21Master, also known simply as “21”, launched his career as a rap artist with the release of his debut single, Thrown in Your Face, in 2018, giving the world a taste of his energetic flow as a rap artist, his one-of-a-kind lyrics and his unique feel for old-school hip-hop. Now he is readying himself for the release of his new single, SUPERSTAR, this February.

His journey to becoming Its21Master

Its21Master was born on July 17, 2004 in Singapore. At the age of 10, he discovered his love of music when he first learned how to play a Ukulele, but as a teenager, listening to the likes of Eminem, NF and Busta Rhymes, he found his innate passion for Hip Hop music. It wasn’t long after, at the age of 14, that he started writing his own lyrics to beats and backtracks he enjoyed listening to on YouTube and other music sites.

Its21Master took a year to study other rappers and music artists before he decided to write and record his own original songs under the brand name “Its21Master”. This decision resulted in the release of his first single, Thrown in Your Face, in 2018, which not only announced his entry into the Singaporean rap scene but it was also the catalyst that sparked desire to develop himself as a rap artist and shine in the spotlight alongside local rappers, including THELIONCITYBOY and Shigga Shay. 

Being born Chinese did not make it easy for Its21Master to actively pursue his career as a rap artist. Faced with conservative traditions and academic expectations from family members, he often struggled to maintain his career as a rap artist. But he continued to persevere and is now an established young rap artist with a strong fan following to prove it.  

Its21Master is known for his musical fusions  

Thrown in Your Face gave Its21Master significant local and international traction as a rap artist. His unique fusion of old-school hip hop with other music styles is what he quickly became known for. His single, Rising to the Top, a fusion of rap and jazz was evidence of his broad creative scope as a rap artist. By blurring the lines between rap, hip hop and other styles of music, Its21Master continued to broaden the dynamic range of the songs he releases. 

His unique music style garnered significant local and international attention from fans and critics alike. Yet he continued to consistently release songs that were well-received, and Like a God was one such song. 

Its21Master released Like a God in the Summer of 2019 with the help of producer Kontrabandz and engineer Lil Edd. This was Its21Master’s first time working with these artists, but what a success it was. Like a God was very well received, it was added to Spotify’s Hip Hop playlist “Beats and Rhymes” reaching over 50,000 streams, for which Its21Master receive significant positive traction on social media. Currently, Like a God is Its21Master’s most successful release, however with the release of SUPERSTAR, it seems he is once again causing ripples in the Singaporean rap scene.

Its21Master has also worked with many other industry legends and insiders, including producer Mantra, Grammy-nominated engineer Beau Vallis, and Lil Edd, also a world-renowned engineer who worked with DDG, Dax and a whole host of other artists. 

Its21Master sets the tone for 2021

By doing what he loves, Its21Master has created quite a name for himself in the Singaporian rap scene using his unique ability to fuse rap and old-school hip hop with different genres and styles of music. He is carving out an entirely new style of music that seems to have the youth in Singapore and all around the world buzzing about the release of SUPERSTAR, his first single for the year set for release on February 11, a song that will no doubt set the tone for what we can expect from the young rapper this year. 

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