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Trying to download free music or mp3 is always a hassle. Grab your earbuds as we dive into where to download free music or mp3s with ease! 

What are the best websites for downloading free music MP3s?

Trying to download music is always a bit of a hassle, especially when looking for any famous bands. Trying to download free music or mp3 is even worse. Between fear of viruses and the questionable quality of the sound, trying to download any free music or mp3 is usually a recipe for disaster. 

Thankfully, a few websites are able to turn this hassle into a simple task. These sites will let you download free music or mp3 without any fear of viruses or worry for the music’s quality. In short, no more needing to pirate music for you (you can still wear a pirate hat though).

We searched through the internet to find the best websites that will let you download free music or mp3s easily, with no fear of viruses or long searches! These sites may actually come as a surprise to you, as many of them don’t really advertise that they have this free music. Grab your earbuds as we dive into where to download free music or mp3s with ease! 

YouTube Audio Library 

This first website holds a lot more than free music or mp3s. Then again, what would you expect from YouTube? The YouTube Audio Library is mainly aimed at people needing royalty-free music to use in their videos. 

But what most people don’t know is that you can get more than that from this library. Anyone with a YouTube account can access the library via YouTube Studios and download as many songs as you want! 

Each song has a sample available which you can listen to by hitting the Play button, giving you a taste of the audio quality before you download it. If you like what you hear, you can click Download and enjoy your favorite tunes free of charge! 


Again, a bit of a shock, but this site does let you have your cake and eat it too when it comes to free downloadable music. Amazon has a vast repository of free music downloads, with more than 6,000 available tracks for you to download. 

Unlike other sites, you can find famous bands with ease on Amazon. From the Foo Fighters to Panic at the Disco, you can always find your favorites! Keep in mind that the artists do occasionally change, so when you find the song, grab it fast! 

Alongside famous names, the site also covers more niche genres. Unfortunately, you would need to dig for it yourself as Amazon has removed the ability to filter free music by genre. Still, better than Spotify! 

The Internet Archive 

This site is good for more than just laughing at how bad the web was back in the 1990s (it was really bad, though). The site is perfect for any music lover, specifically the Live Music Archive, which will let you download free music at any time and in only a few seconds! 

The Live Music Archive was built in partnership with, featuring shows & concerts from a range of leading artists. All the bands are “trade friendly”, which means they’ve granted fans the right to freely trade some of the music for non-commercial means, so you can download and enjoy the music as much as you’d like!

The archive has more than music in its many files, too. You can also find old news and public affairs talks, shows, audiobooks, and even poetry readings. So whatever you’re into, this site has it, so happy listening! 

Have any other good websites to download free music or mp3s? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep listening! 

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