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Don't you know how to download Spotify playlist to MP3? No worries, this guide is all set to reveal the exciting ways to download Spotify to MP3.

How to Download Spotify Playlist to mp3 Without Premium

You don’t have a Spotify premium package and intend to download Spotify playlist to MP3 while traveling in a location without an internet connection. Can you download Spotify playlist to MP3 for offline listening?

Getting the premium package of Spotify to listen to Spotify songs offline is vital, but there is a way around that helps you to download Spotify playlist to mp3 free.

You can dive into this post to learn how to download Spotify playlists to MP3, courtesy of the excellent ways.

Part 1. How to download Spotify Playlist Without Premium Account

If you don’t have a premium Spotify and intend to download Spotify songs in MP3 format, you can opt for the HitPaw Music Converter. There are many things to talk about the HitPaw Music Converter, as despite being a video converter, it comes up with multiple other functions.

Using the HitPaw Music Converter, you can download Spotify playlist to MP3 in lossless quality.

Moreover, HitPaw Music Converter supports multiple audio formats, meaning converting Spotify playlists, albums, or podcasts to multiple audio formats is possible.

Besides offering a simple user interface and highly professional features, HitPaw Music Converter retains metadata information and ID3 tags. Importantly, HitPaw Music Converter brings in 120x fast speed so that you can quickly convert Spotify playlists into MP3.

With the ability to download multiple Spotify music simultaneously, HitPaw Spotify Music Converter is attracting millions of eyeballs around the globe.


  • Allows you to download Spotify without the premium
  • Download the Spotify songs, podcasts, playlists, and albums in lossless quality
  • Helps you convert multiple Spotify songs simultaneously
  • Maintains the ID3 tags and metadata information
  • 100% safe
  • Offers the brilliant customer support

How to download Spotify playlist to MP3 via HitPaw Video Converter?

Step 1:

To begin with, you’ll need to download and install the HitPaw Video Converter on your PC. After launching the HitPaw Video Converter, click on Spotify Music. You can also tap on the Toolbox before selecting the Spotify Music Converter.

Step 2:

Sign in with the Spotify account and select the Spotify playlists you want to download. After selecting the Spotify playlist, you can click on the Download icon.

Step 3:

Now, HitPaw Spotify Music Converter will analyze the Spotify playlists, songs, or albums you want to download. After analyzing the songs, HitPaw Video Converter will ask you to preview the Spotify playlists.

Step 4:

Click on the ” Convert All to” icon and select the output format to turn the Spotify songs into.

HitPaw Spotify Music Converter supports converting Spotify songs into WAV, M4A, or MP3 format.

Step 5:

After selecting the output format, click on the ” Convert All” icon to initiate converting the Spotify songs to WAV, M4A, or MP3.


The Spotify playlists you tend to download using the HitPaw Video Converter can be used on all media players and devices. However, you must not use the downloaded Spotify playlists for commercial purposes, as you can only use them for personal purposes. You can also add the downloaded Spotify songs to the eye-catching videos.

Part 2. How to download a playlist on Spotify on Mac or PC

You can download Spotify playlist to MP3 provided you’ve acquired the premium package of Spotify.

If you’re a Spotify premium user, follow the guide below to learn how to download the Spotify playlist to MP3 on Mac or PC.

Step 1:

Launch the Spotify desktop app and search for the playlist you want to download. You can access your favorite playlist after visiting the ” Playlists” section on your screen’s left hand.

 Step 2:

After selecting the playlist you’d like to download, tap on the ” Download” icon to start downloading your favorite playlist. Once the selected Spotify playlist gets downloaded, the toggle will turn green.

Step 3:

A small green symbol will appear once the downloading process is completed. After downloading the playlists, you can now play them with minimal effort.

Part 3. How to download playlist on Spotify on Mobile

Apart from downloading the Spotify playlists on Mac or Windows PC, you can also download the Spotify playlist to MP3 free on Android or iPhone.

Luckily, you don’t have to put in the extra effort to serve your purpose. Instead, the process will only take a few moments before getting the job done.

Here’s how to download Spotify playlist to MP3 on Android or iPhone.

Step 1:

To begin with, you’ll need to launch the Spotify app on Android or iPhone.

Step 2:

After tapping the ” My Library” icon, select the Spotify playlist you’d like to download.

Step 3:

Turn on the Download icon, which will turn green upon enabling it. After completing and downloading, you’ll see the small green symbol next to the downloaded playlist’s name in the library. Now, you can start enjoying the downloaded Spotify playlists offline.


  • How to listen to music offline on Spotify?

Downloading Spotify music for offline listening is pretty simple.

Here’s how to do it.

Navigate to Spotify playlists or songs you’d like to download and click on the Download icon to download the Spotify playlists. Remember, Spotify doesn’t allow you to download the individual Spotify song for offline listening; you must download the Spotify playlists.

  1. How to listen to Spotify offline without premium

You can listen to Spotify songs offline without acquiring the premium package courtesy of the HitPaw Video Converter. It is a great Spotify music downloader that helps you to download multiple Spotify songs simultaneously.


That’s all we’ve had to help you know how to download Spotify playlist to MP3. Since non-Spotify premium users can’t download Spotify playlist to MP3 for offline listening, you can look at the HitPaw Video Converter.

It is an amazing Spotify music downloader that empowers you to download Spotify music in lossless quality.

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