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Bruno Mars is back with a new song everybody! Grab your headphones and dive into where you can find his new hit album!

Where you can listen to Bruno Mars’s new songs for free

Bruno Mars is back everybody. The thirty-six-year-old pop phenom seems to return to the zeitgeist every few years with a new hit song. Mars first burst onto the music scene in 2010 with singles like “Grenade”, “Just the Way You Are”, and “The Lazy Song.” Since then, Bruno’s been a fixture on top forty radio for over a decade.

In the time following his breakout success, Bruno Mars has mastered the craft of making a viral song. His singles “Treasure” & “That’s What I Like” still get airtime. Additionally, Mars has molded himself as an idiosyncratic & iconic solo artist. Yet this year, Bruno joined up with another R&B favorite to form a duo project.

Silk Sonic

The new duo composed of Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak just released their first album on November 12th. Titled An Evening with Silk Sonic, the record is an homage to the smooth jams of the 1970s. The pair even got the renowned Bootsy Collins to guest on the album. Thanks to the hit-making power of .Paak & Mars, Silk Sonic are steadily climbing the charts.

Silk Sonic dropped the video for their song “Leave the Door Open” on YouTube eight months ago. Fans were immediately clamoring for more from Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak. They got it when the two performed this song at this year’s BET Awards. Bruno & Anderson teased listeners even more when they dropped the music video for the song “Skate” three months ago.

Needless to say, audiophiles have been devouring the new album from Silk Sonic. While Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak have had success on their own, it seems that together they could achieve Grammy glory. You can listen to Silk Sonic’s new songs for free on YouTube. If you are looking for more new music, then check out these groups as well.

Black Country, New Road

Debuting in 2019 with their song “Sunglasses”, British group Black Country, New Road is one of the most exciting new bands around. The Quietus declared they’re “the best band in the world” after just two singles. They dropped their debut album “For the first time” in February of this year. Music critics will most surely be considering it for their albums of the year list. 

Black Country, New Road have had a quick turnaround since their critically acclaimed first album. The band released two new singles this year, “Bread Song” & “Chaos Space Marine”. Black Country, New Road’s sophomore album, Ants From Up There, is set to come out on February 4th, 2022. Check out this post-punk force that’s been compared to Arcade Fire on YouTube.

Beach House

This Baltimore, Maryland duo made up of Victoria Legrand & Alex Scally have been making music for nearly two decades. Beach House borrows dream-pop sounds of bands like the Cocteau Twins and adapts them for a twenty-first-century audience. The group is coming off their successful 2019 record 7, and has just released a new EP entitled Once Twice Melody.

Even if you’ve never listened to Beach House before, you’ve maybe heard one of their songs without knowing it. The Weeknd sampled their 2006 song “Master of None” in his song “The Party & the After Party”. Beach House’s hit single “Space Song” has around 80 million combined views on YouTube. 

Beach House’s albums Teen Dream, Bloom, and Depression Cherry are now considered part of the indie canon. Perhaps with their upcoming project, they’ll be able to gain the wider audience that they deserve. You can stream all of Beach House’s music for free on YouTube.

Musicians everywhere are showcasing their post-quarantine creativity, and Bruno Mars is no exception. His new project with Anderson .Paak is out everywhere on Atlantic Records. What do you think of Silk Sonic & the other new music out now? Let us know in the comments!

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