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Offline music apps are apps that don't require an internet connection to play music. Here are the best music players for Androids.

The Best Offline Music Players for Android: No Internet Required

Nowadays, people have come to realize that offline music players are actually quite significant. When we are on the move, listening to music is one of the things that can improve the quality of the atmosphere. And yet, in order to enjoy the music uninterrupted, we have to use an offline music player

Offline music apps are apps that don’t require an internet connection to play music. It allows us to listen to music anywhere and anytime without having to be connected to the internet. We can download various offline music apps from our Android device on Google Play Store. 

Features of A Good Offline Music Player For Android 

You might be confused about which app to install as there are a lot of offline music apps on the internet. Regardless of which app you want to choose, make sure that it has most of the following features:

  • Compatible with different file formats 

An excellent music app supports multiple music formats (i.e. MP3, M4A. WMA), etc, and video formats (i.e MP4, MOV, etc) within one platform. 

  • Ability to play music in the background 

The ability to play music in the background is a must for an offline music app. This function is to make sure that you can listen to music and access other applications at the same time. 

  • Equipped with equalizer and other audio enhancements 

Mostly, the equalizer in the offline players is bass, volume, virtualizer, etc. 

  • Offline lyrics support 

The offline lyrics support means that you can sing along with the song while reading the lyrics. By default, a good offline music player will provide you with the song’s lyrics.

Top 3 Offline Music Players For Android 

In order to save your time in looking for the best offline music player for Android, we have compiled the 3 top-rated apps for you to try. 

  • Lark Player

Lark Player is a top-rated, 100% free, and lightweight multimedia player that can assist you to listen to all your favorite music or videos. As a multifunction video and music player application, it supports music and videos of all significant configurations, including internal storage, cloud, internet, etc. 

Here are the features that you can enjoy on using it:

  • Manage and organize your files easily
  • Synced lyrics real-time
  • Shareable music
  • Customize the music volume, reverb, bass, etc
  • Speed changer
  • Power saving
  • Customize font and background
  • Gapless playback
  • Support various audio and video formats

As for the cons, you might occasionally encounter some ads while using the app. 

You can easily download Lark Player APK from the official website.  

  • Pulsar 

Next, Pulsar is a full-featured, lightweight, and easy-to-use music player for Android. It offers a simple user interface that can manage and play music by albums, genres, and artists. This music player is completely free from ads and is supported with Google voice commands. 

Apart from that, it has a wide range of features, including an equalizer, which allows users to fine-tune the sound of their music to their liking;  gapless playback, which allows users to listen to their music without any interruptions; and support multiple audio formats. Last but not least, Pulsar also has a built-in lyrics viewer and an option to customize the look and feel of the app.

The only minus point of this app is that there may be some bugs in the software. 

  • Poweramp

Similar to the previous two apps, Poweramp is a feature-rich offline music player for Android that offers a wide range of features as well. It does not only support playing common file types such as .mp3 but is also able to handle many other file types such as mp4, ogg, wmv, tta, mpc, wav, ape and aiff. 

The best feature of this app is its features to bring up the lyrics of the song we are playing. Other features available on the application are equalizer and gapless playback.

The cons of using the app are that no songs or albums are downloadable directly from the app. It also has no option to change the theme or interface design. Therefore, you might have to adjust to using it prior. 

How To Use An Offline Music Player On Android

In this section, we will take Lark Player as an example to guide you on how to use an offline music player on Android. 

Step 1. Download and install Lark Player

Go to the official website or Google Play Store to download Lark Player. Tap on the green install button to install it to your device. 

Step 2. Allow Lark Player to access your file

When you first launched the app, a notification will pop up asking you to grant the permission for the app to access your device’s file. Simply tap on the allow option. By granting this permission, it will automatically transfer all your music and video files to the app. 

Step 3. Create and manage your playlists

Once all of the files is transferred to the app, simply go to the “Playlist” tab and tap on the (+) button. Name your playlist and select the songs to add to it. No worries, you can still edit and manage the playlist after it is created. 

Wrapping Up

Offline music players have a lot of advantages, one of which is to save your internet quota and your device’s battery. To make your life simpler, we have reviewed the top 3 best offline music players, called Lark Player, Pulsar, and Poweramp. Simply choose one that suits your preference and try it now.

Once you have experienced it, we believe you will leave those online streaming platforms and move to offline music players!

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