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Want to Live in Europe? Welcome to Serbia!

Discover the straightforward path to European living by obtaining a residence permit in Serbia, a country with promising investment opportunities and a pathway to EU citizenship. Learn about the benefits of investing in Serbian real estate, including the chance to secure a residence permit and become a legal or tax resident.

If you want to live in Europe, one of the easiest ways to do so is to obtain a residence permit in Serbia. Later on, you can obtain permanent residence for 5 years and then apply for citizenship. Serbia is about to join the EU, so you may get an EU passport in 6 to 10 years – who knows? There is no fast-track Serbian citizenship, and the only way possible is a slow one (citizenship by naturalization). One of the ways to quickly get a residence permit is by investing in Serbian real estate, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. 

If you want to choose a country to live in Europe but you are not sure that Serbia is best for you, follow the link to read more details. This is a highly recommendable country where you will find something for yourself, from excellent banking to beautiful mountains, from a relaxed way of life to profitable investment projects. If you follow the link, you can also book a session with our expert for free to discuss the prospects of your relocation and make sure that Serbia is the country that will suit your needs – or opt for another one that we will propose. And if you need any help with relocation, from opening a bank account to dealing with any administrative issues, we can help.

Investment in Serbian Real Estate

Real estate is a simple and secure method of increasing wealth that all investors know about, and the only problem is to find a suitable property. However, Serbia is an appealing country for construction companies, investors, and individuals who seek wise investments as construction activities in the country are booming. There are a lot of modern residential complexes in progress, and the amount of investments in the sector is on the increase. 

Individuals often invest in Serbian real estate like cottages or apartments to rent them out later on and obtain profit. As a bonus, they have an opportunity to obtain a residence permit and become Serbian legal or tax residents. Taxes in Serbia are much lower than on average in Europe, so economic relocation is very popular among those who live in countries with a considerable tax burden. 

Let’s take a look at the most promising real estate projects for potential investors.


Zlatibor is a ski resort in the mountains that attracts a lot of tourists all year round. It combines ski and wellness and has more than 30 km of ski slopes and 8 ski lifts. Tourists will find a lot of attractions here, including a dinosaur park, a cable car, and a lake.

Zlatibor is definitely one of the most actively developed areas in the mountains of Serbia. The number of visitors is growing, and a lot of new hotels and apartment buildings are being erected to accommodate them. This is a real sanctuary for investors who are interested in buying real estate in the Serbian mountains as its popularity seems to be at its peak: according to statistics, the number of overnight stays has increased by 78% in the first half of 2023 as compared to 2022.

If you ask us about the most popular tourist destinations where investment in real estate is highly recommended, Zlatibor will definitely be one of them. If we take the first half of 2023, three-fifths of all apartments sold in the top 7 destinations were located here. The average price per square meter amounted to 1,600 euros during this time.


Sokobanja is a very attractive spa resort where investors flock to buy property. People come here to use thermal and mineral waters that treat various medical conditions, and the resort does not lose its popularity. In 2022, it became the most visited spa destination in Serbia, with 767,000 overnight stays in hostels, hotels, and apartments. Sokobanja is also a popular gastronomic spot as it boasts a lot of various restaurants.

As more and more guests are interested in the region and more apartments are needed to accommodate them all, developers have become more active to satisfy the growing demand. Local realtors say that the number of apartments bought in Sokobanja is steadily increasing, and most of them are bought by investors who later rent them out.

As for the prices, they start at 1,300 euros per square meter on the outskirts and reach 1,600 euros in the central part which is a more desirable location for guests.


When we talk about investment in real estate, Belgrade is surely one of the hottest spots we cannot omit. Real estate in any capital is always in the highest demand, and the Serbian capital is no exception. About 40% of all housing construction projects in Serbia are built in the city’s municipalities. If you want to invest in Belgrade property, pay attention to the five most popular districts:

  1. Vračar
  2. Savski Venac
  3. Novi Beograd
  4. Dorćol
  5. Slavija

If you opt for real estate in these districts, you will pay a higher price per square meter than in less popular areas. However, the return on investment will also be higher, especially if you focus on short-term rentals.

If we look at Serbian real estate websites, we will see that apartments in prestigious residential complexes in Belgrade cost from 3,000 to 4,600 euros per square meter, depending on the district (the highest price is in Novi Beograd). Interested in finding great offers in the Serbian capital? Please get in touch with our experts or use the search function on our portal.

The rent varies depending on the location and size of the apartment. The larger the apartment, the lower the price per square meter (however, we cannot say this is true in 100% of cases). On average, rental costs vary between 700 and 1200 euros per month. 

Small apartments and studios have always been in great demand, and it would be wise to invest in one. Belgrade is the most popular tourist destination in Serbia, and different cultural and business events are held here on a regular basis. It means that you can use a compact apartment for short-term rental to business people and event attendees, which is sure to yield good profit.

Want to know more about relocation to Serbia? Please follow the above link and read the article, or get in touch with our expert. We have a lot of good investment offers for you!

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