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Sweaty Hair? Try Genius Styling Tips With Ponytail This Fall

Sweaty Hair? Try Genius Styling Tips With Ponytail This Fall


Fall are finally here with vibrant colors, fruity Popsicles, flowy dresses, and radiant energy. But at the same time, it comes with scorching sun and dripping sweat that becomes quite irritating after a while. Especially with your hair. Because hair is very prone to scalp sweat, which can limit your styling options and enjoy the fall to the fullest. 

Well, if you are already on this blog, you are sorted because this blog will tell you how to continue your style game with some exciting ponytail hairstyles. They will keep you fashionable and away from sweat effortlessly. So let’s dig in.


Why Is Styling With Ponytail Easy?

Ponytail is a very versatile hairstyle. You can convert your braids into a Ponytail, a ponytail into braids, and buns a lot more. Also, if you have short hair, you can use drawstring ponytail extensions and create these hairstyles with a lot of volume and length. Also, the ponytail always binds your hair together, making sweaty and sticky situations get avoided easily. That is why a ponytail is the best dining option. If you have long hair, you can try this with your real hair, and if you have short or medium-length hair, the ponytail extensions can fit in.


Ponytail Experiments

Here are some very easy ponytail hairstyles you can do to save yourself some sweat and still look fashionable.


Crimped Ponytail

Put your hair into a ponytail or use curly ponytail extensions. Now with the help of a curling rod, give a water wave effect. This will automatically add a lot of texture and character to your hair, and it’s an adorable hairstyle for Sunday brunches or evening dinners. We suggest using drawstring ponytail human hair extensions because the texture should only be at the back of your head in the ponytail. If you use a heating rod on these extensions, you will get your texture, and your hair will be safe too. Also, there are already some brands, like Indique, that have textured ponytail drawstring extensions that are ready to Use


Bubble Ponytail

Beautiful Bubble Ponytail


A very euphoria-style ponytail that is easily achieved with 4 to 5 rubber bands. Do your ponytail high and vertically start placing rubber bands every 2 to 3 inches from the scalp rubber point. Repeat this process to the end, where you are only left with 1-inch hair loose. It creates a very appealing hairstyle.


Stacked Ponytail

This hairstyle is just like a bubble ponytail method. The only difference is that you must put multiple rubber bands or scrunchies at the joining point to create height on the top. You can use multiple rubber bands or a metallic ponytail ring to give that height.


Fountain Ponytail

A very fragile and feminine hairstyle that can be achieved with the help of a claw clip. Put your hair in a ponytail, twist it towards the right, and flip it towards your forehead. Now at the back, where you can see the rubber of your ponytail, or the drawstring, put your claw clip and then let it fall back. It has a very modern Disney princess vibe and is adorable with floral dresses.


Updos Must Dos

The best part about a ponytail is that it can easily convert into a bun. All you have to do is manipulate your hair in some spirals or circles. So let us see some interesting hairstyles easily achievable with a ponytail listed below.


Messy Buns

Cute and Quirky Updos


Quintessential Bun has won hearts for so many years and will continue to be the favorite of all. Put your ponytail hair extension in a spiral above your crown area and secure it with bobby pins. Now with the help of your fingers, start pulling the hair in the outer direction to create a messy look. Pull some hair out from the front to create those magical flicks.


Ninja Bun

The best part about this hairstyle is that you don’t need any ponytail extensions. Even if you have shoulder-length hair, this hairstyle is easily achievable. With a firm grip, you have to gather your hair and put them across the top center of your scalp. Now tightly swirl them around, and secure them with a pin. You can further use hair wax to create slickness in the look.


Space Buns

Cute Space Buns for an Easy Look


A very techno-inspired hairstyle in which you are required to do a middle partition and regular ponytails. Now on the other side of your head, when the ponytail is done, you must spiral it to create a bun effect. Once you are done from both sides, you can pull some flicks down to complete the loop. It will be great to elevate the look if you can put color to ponytail extensions, to use. Die in galaxy tones, such as purple, pink, and blue. It will look out of this world.


Pineapple Top

Please put your hands up, all my black queens, because the OG Hairstyles have made it to the list! Yes, the curly pineapple top never fails to amuse. Moreover, if you put the silk scarf around your head, the fabric absorbs sweat and keeps your hair and scalp sweating. All you have to do is put your curly ponytail in and flip it around direction towards your forehead. Now tie your scarf with a knot, showcasing a bow, and that’s it. It is a pure voguish black woman hairstyle that wins compliments.


Some Other Easy Styling Saves

Apart from ponytails, here are some more easy tips you can consider if you’re styling your hair in the fall.


Style With Headband

Use broad headbands. Generally, the sweat starts happening from the front area of your braided ponytail extension, which drips all the sweat. So if you have a fabric headband at the top, it will absorb the sweat and look fashionable. You can have big pattern headbands or solid color headbands complimenting your outfit.


Hair Chop

The long hair looks beautiful, but you can also have razor-blunt cuts in fall. This way, the hair is not sticking on your arms and shoulders, and you remain stylish. You can have asymmetrical razor bob-cut Afro hair.


Hair fade

Sleek and Chic with Hair Fade

This is one of the very new haircut trends a woman highly follows in the fall. If you have very heavy and voluminous hair, you can ask the stylist to remove your hair from the back so that you don’t feel the weight and still manage to keep the entire length of your hair. This way, your head feels light, and the chances of sweating due to the more golden volume of hair also reduces to some extent. But it is highly recommended for women with gorgeous Hemato human world. Get 26% off everything on Indique’s premium SEA Collection of extensions, wigs, and closures!



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Everyone experiences a love-and-hate relationship with fall at least once in their lifetime. If your reason for hate were the sweating hair, well, after this blog, it would not be there anymore. Ponytails can be very versatile in styling as well as convenient. It doesn’t matter if you have natural hair or are using ponytail extensions. These hairstyles with manage to keep you chic and sweat-free all fall!

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