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Dying to get some free movies and TV shows over on streaming? Satisfy the craving for free stuff with these excellent services.

How can you stream movies and TV shows for free?

Movies and TV shows allow us to feel different emotions; happiness, thrill, sadness, intensity, nervousness, shock, comfort, a rollercoaster of emotions. All humans really are storytellers. They can help us make sense of our own lives. They can bring us a sense of relief even if the stories stress us out. 

Watching a suspense show or film unleashes cortisol (the stress hormone) in your brain, followed by dopamine which produces feelings of pleasure. Shows and movies can be a source of relaxation, allowing for a soothing experience. Fictional characters can act as motivational figures. And throughout the industry, shows and films have portrayed very different familial and friend relationships. They’re the sources of cherished memories. 

We call this an uncertain time but truthfully, all our lives are filled with uncertainty. Predictions are the only things we can give the future. Money always crosses our minds and for some of us, it’s as easy to come by as the dirt outside. It hardly has to be said that that’s not the case for most of us, so we often find ourselves inquiring about ways to save and stretch our money.

We know very well about the streaming giants Netflix, Disney + , Paramount +, Hulu and more. And we love them as much as the next guy but what happens when money becomes stiff? When it seems like we have to hunt for cash like our hunter-gatherer ancestors searching for meat, it’s time to change some habits. Why should you give up your favorite shows and movies when you really don’t have to?

Would you like to know how you can stream movies and TV shows for free? We’ve got you covered!


As we type, Tubi is housing content from over two hundred partners. They feature thousands of hours of streaming video content hailing from studios such as Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM. Their titles are available for a very long time, and you’ll be warned when titles are about to expire so you’ll have an easier time planning those movie nights and TV show binge weekends. 


It’s great news! Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, has a free option indeed. It’s a free, ad-supported option providing you with more than 7,500 hours of programming. Peacock Free gives you next day access to the current seasons of freshman broadcast series; popular movies; full classic series; curated daily news and sports including the Olympics. 

You could choose of Peacock originals and tentpole series and streaming genre channels like SNL Vault, Olympic Profiles and Family Movie Night

Free Netflix

Now picture enjoying a streaming giant with no commercials for free. There’s a couple ways to get Netflix for free (not including the option of sharing accounts with family and friends). 

If you’re on T-Mobile, they might throw you a Netflix account at no extra cost. The T-Mobile deal is contingent on the choice for certain plans. If you choose a plan that doesn’t require a credit check or a prepaid plan, then you won’t get the Netflix offer. 

To get the free Netflix with T-Mobile, sign up for a One Plan, add at least one additional line to your plan, opt in to the Netflix On Us feature, wait for a test and follow the instructions. There are a few mobile carriers offering free Netflix accounts to their customers including Magenta and Magenta Max with littler terms and conditions applying. 

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) carrier USMobile also implements free Netflix offers for the customers who sign up for three or more unlimited lines. And there are similar offers outside the United States as well. 

Save your money and stream some great movies and TV shows for free! Tell us your favorite titles in the comments below!

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