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The so-called green revolution in energy production has been ongoing for a while. How long can solar panels actually last?

How Long Can You Expect Your Solar Panels to Last?

The so-called green revolution in energy production has been ongoing for a while. Wind power and solar energy have been the primary driver of this change. And while wind energy is limited to huge windmills in wind parks that produce huge amounts of energy, solar panels are (and have been for decades now) available for personal use.

Millions of people have solar panels installed on their homes. Rebates from governments have helped a lot. If you’re still on the fence about solar panels, it’s likely that one of the biggest things holding you back is the longevity of the solar panels. In order to learn more about this issue, we contacted Action Solar, a renowned San Diego solar company.

Solar Panels Last for Literal Decades

Solar panels are relatively simple machines with very few moving parts. This makes them pretty resistant to breakdowns. That means that you can expect your panels to last for a very long time. In fact, there are solar panels installed in the early days of solar energy, over 60 years ago, that are still producing electricity today.

And that is not accounting for the fact that solar panel technology has advanced dramatically over the years and decades. And the progress doesn’t stop. There are constant improvements to productivity, longevity and materials in new solar panels.

Solar Installers Will Back This Claim Up with Warranty

The majority of solar companies are very particular about what kinds of solar panels they use for their systems. This deliberate choice of quality components and highly skilled installers combine to ensure that the solar systems are stable and safe. Equally importantly, though, these types of systems are long-lasting.

Reliable solar installers will offer a warranty on both their work and the longevity of the solar panels. Typically, solar panels are rated to retain at least 90% of their efficiency over the course of a decade, and around 80% over the course of 25 years.

Solar Panels Are an Investment

There are people who believe that solar panels are a technology enthusiast’s playground, something that an average person really shouldn’t meddle in. However, that’s the wrong approach to the subject. Case in point, you may not understand how your AC system works, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits of it.

Instead, consider solar panels an investment. There is an up-front cost, but as soon as the array is installed, it will start offsetting some of your electricity consumption. What’s more, homes with solar panels fetch higher prices for the same reason – they save you money.

Depending on where you live and the terrain, your solar panels will take different amounts of time to pay for themselves. However, most people achieve the goal within six to ten years. This means that an average solar panel array will pay itself off many times over in the course of the two and a half decades. And as we established, the array is likely to last a lot longer than that.

The Issue of Maintenance

Solar sceptics will often cite that they know nothing about solar panel maintenance as a reason not to get a solar panel array on their home. However, modern solar panels really don’t require much maintenance.

Once they are set up properly, they should work without a hitch, provided nothing unexpected happens, such as a hailstorm or something else physically damaging the machinery.

The fact of the matter is that solar panels are a part of the future, and you can be a part of the future now more easily than ever before.

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