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These days psychology trends catch on faster than ever before. Find out whether or not you should jump on board the hottest new psychology trends.

Funchatt about psychology trends: Why has it become so popular?

Funchatt team has noticed a psychology trend becoming more and more popular recently. Today we want to talk about the origin of this trend, why it became so popular, and how it can be dangerous.

Psychology has become trendy not so long ago. We think that it is connected with the new point of view of the new generation. Many people now are being more open, accepting their feelings, and speaking up about their problems.

The reason for the popularity

If you join Funchatt, you can see many people that are interested in psychology. Several students choose a major in psychology. Many people that are experts in different fields choose some psychology literature to read in their free time. Some people even take online courses in some parts of psychology. Let’s figure out together why they are doing so.

  1. To understand themselves. Lately, the first reason why people want to earn a degree in psychology is to figure out how our mind works. They want to understand their feelings, express their emotions, and react to them accordingly. Funchatt users use it to make the relationship with their friend closer.
  2. To understand others around them. It is usually the reason why someone who is an expert in a different field starts taking online psychology courses or other sources of information. For example, many people in business get interested in psychology to make their communication more efficient and beneficial.
  3. To help someone they know. Some people start reading psychology blogs or literature if they know someone who needs help. Of course, reading a few articles won’t make them qualified enough to provide professional assistance. But at least they will become more competent in communication with that person, offline or online (using Funchatt or any other network). For example, you will be able to determine the topics and questions that are taboo.

The dangers of psychology trend

Recent psychology has its pros and cons. While being a beneficial trend that helps people understand themselves and others better, it is very dangerous. First of all, not everyone uses qualified academic materials. Some popular articles can contain false information. Also, many experts, good or not so, hop on this trend in social media. In this case, people might choose a specialist to turn to based on their popularity. They will not get into the details of their qualifications and receive non-qualified assistance. We encourage you to stay safe and careful.

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