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Stuck in quarantine and bored? Get a group of friends together and get online gaming! Here's the best online games to play right now. Read more
It's less than a week until the hit Netflix series returns, so we're giving the gift of more memes to keep us going until then. Read more
The Night Stalker terrorized LA and San Francisco for nearly two years. But the community were the ones to finally take him down when he messed up. Read more
Your social life doesn't have to take a hit in quarantine. Try out these online games with your friends for an online game night. Read more
Landlords are a different kind of evil, but Fred and Rose West took it to a new level. Read about the murders they committed against their residents. Read more
The Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, is about to get a scripted show after the success of his Netflix docuseries. Read more about the future series. Read more
Is it still a crime if it's just a fantasy? That's the question asked in the case of Gilberto Valle, aka the Cannibal Cop. Read more
'Sid and Nancy' sugarcoated the story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, but the truth is a lot darker. Much of the story has been untold in the public eye. Read more
It's hard not to fall in love with the ridiculousness that is Florida Man. So we've collected some of our favorite Florida Man and Florida Woman memes. Read more
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